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AppList Revisited

AppList Revisited: Must Have iPhone Apps - The Absolute Essentials

Just buy a Verizon iPhone? Have an iPhone, but don't want to be shown up by a new Verizon user? Then this is the AppList for you! This is the most epic compilation of apps ever created, ranging from translation apps to cookbooks and pocket dictionaries to radar detectors, this AppList contains all the essential apps that every iPhone owner should have!

Rabah Rahil

AppList Revisited: iPhone Apps To “Wow” Your Friends

Got a brand new Verizon iPhone in hand? Or perhaps you've had an iPhone for a while and now find yourself getting a lot of questions about the iPhone from your Verizon-faithful friends. Whether you're a new iPhone owner or an old one, you're bound to get the question, "So what's so cool about the iPhone?" Launch any of these impressive apps and you won't disappoint. Launch them all and watch jaws drop!

Tim Chaten