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New Applist: Apps for Cooking for Special Dietary Needs

Food allergies and special diets are becoming increasingly common, and chances are you or someone you know has foods they need to avoid. Planning a holiday or family gathering is hard enough without having to worry that you've served the wrong (and potentially dangerous) food. We've gathered a list of apps to help you cook for the allergic, the celiac, the heart-healthy, the vegan, and the vegetarian.

AppLists Revisited: Photographer’s Kit, Apps for Valentine’s, And Games For Tweens

We've updated some of our popular AppLists to reflect reader suggestions and changes in the app store. Read on to find out more.

New AppList: Truly Addictive iOS Games

There are literally thousands of games for iOS. Some of them are just so good, that once you install them, you won't be able to put your iDevice down until you've finished all the levels. Come check out our selection, and feel free to tell us what you're hooked on in the comments below: