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Where are the Apple TV apps from content creators?

Some of the biggest companies and organizations in the world that depend on media consumption are terrible at making apps.

Discover new apps the social way with Picker

How do you find and select your new apps? Check out a different way to discover and share them.

How Apple Watch apps are being written before the smartwatch is released

If you've ever wondered how developers can write apps for devices that nobody has yet, we've got an answer.

Top Three Favorite Macworld/iWorld Apps Of 2013

Robin Rhys is back with the hottest apps of Macworld/iWorld 2013.

Become A Retail Ninja With These Awesome Shopping Apps

Using your iPhone and iPad you'll become a shopping pro.

Recall for iPhone Remembers Pop Culture Recommendations So You Don’t Have To

Do you have a difficult time recalling recommendations for books, apps, movies, and the like? Recall for iPhone will soon come to the rescue.

This New Study Claims iOS Applications Crash More Often Than Android Applications

In a new study conducted by the mobile application monitoring company Crittercism, it is noted that iOS application crash more often than their Android counterparts. The results, as you can see in the above and below images, speak for themselves: most applications crash under iOS 5.0.1, while Android apps appear to be rather more stable.

CES 2012: TomTom Adds Social Networking To Navigation System

Today, TomTom previewed the upcoming version (1.10) of their navigation app for iPhone and iPad at CES. The new release will feature social network navigation for Twitter and Facebook allowing users to find and travel to their friends much more easily than ever before.

AppInvasion Has Big Problems And Big Potential

The App Store has all sorts of invaders. There are Space Invaders, Face Invaders, Jelly Invaders, and even Chicken Invaders. Now, Apple's own apps sprout eyes, legs, and tentacles, in order to bring us appInvasion.

Updated: Essential Apps For The Blind And Visually Impaired.

We prove once again that Steve Jobs created his iDevices for everyone with an updated AppList for the Visually Disabled and blind.

The iOS Academy: Gifting Apps

In today's iOS Academy we show you how to give the gift of apps!

Whet Your APPetite With Kinetik

Kinetik allows you to share the apps you love, or hate, and discover new apps to love — all for free! Is About To Rock Your iPhone With An Upcoming App

The popular music service,, is set to release an iPhone app that will rock your face off.

Infographic: How Students Use Apps And Technology

Students, the technological revolution, and the iPad. A great infographic.

Automatically Sync Your (New) Music, Apps, And iBooks Across Your iDevices With iCloud

Syncing your apps, music and iBooks on all your iDevices is a welcome feature that was announced at WWDC on Monday. For this article, I used iOS 5, but all of the steps below will work on iOS 4.x too.

Has Apple Approved 500,000 iOS Apps In 34 Months?

According to a variety of reports, Apple has recently approved the App Store's 500,000th iOS application, meaning that the company has approved half a million apps in just 34 months.

Google Mobile Gets An App Store Search Feature - Not?

Finding a specific app on the iOS App Store is a drag. Between launching the App Store, jumping into search, typing your query, waiting for results, looking through them and selecting the right one, it takes way too much time. We've seen Google attempt to make a faster iOS App Store search of their own in the past; using their powerful algorithms and integrating them right into Google itself. Some clues appeared in their app earlier this year. Now, they are bringing this to their web mobile search as well.

Love Them Or Not, In-App Purchases Are Larger Than Mobile Advertising

Opinions about the the inclusion of in-app purchases fall into two categories: those that love them, and those that think it’s just another way for developers to make more money. Regardless of your personal take on them, in-app purchases are now the leading source of revenue for social networking and social gaming apps. Read more...

Report: App Usage Becoming More Popular Than Television Viewing

If you're using iPhone/iPod touch or iPad apps more often than watching television shows, you're not alone. According to a new report by Flurry, app usage is quickly becoming more popular than watching many of the most highly rated television shows. Read more...

Smartphone Users Love Their Apps

The number of apps downloaded for the Apple iOS continues to grow. In August, a new survey found that each user has about 40 apps installed on their device. Read More...

QuickAdvice: Create Real 3D Photos with 3D Camera

3D Camera is an app that does just one thing, and does it well: creates 3D photos. Love it or hate it, 3D is here to stay. I thought it was dead for a while, after the cheesy 3D films of my childhood, but Avatar brought it right back to the front and center of pop culture. Want to get in on the trend? Well, I don’t know how to make a 3D movie, but you can certainly create your very own authentic 3D (and mock 3D) photos.

Apple Announces New Touchscreen iPod Nano

At today's fall Apple announcement, the most innovative and interesting iPod nano ever created was demoed.

Touchscreen iPod Nano Likely To Debut Tomorrow

As we reported back in July, Apple has been manufacturing a small touchscreen for inclusion in an unknown future device. It appears that we finally know what it's for.

New AppList: Party Game Apps

From new twists on classic party favorites to entirely new games, you can take advantage of the technology in your pocket the next time you get together with your friends. You and your iDevice will be the life of the party!