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Apple's 'App Store' trademark appeal goes down in Australia

Apple’s appeal to trademark the term “app store” in Australia has been dismissed.

Finally: Apps Will Automatically Update In iOS 7

At WWDC, Apple announced minor changes to the AppStore, and one big improvement in app management. Apps will now automatically update, making AppStore notifications a thing of the past.

Amazon Asks Court To Reject Apple's Claim Over 'App Store' Name ... Again

It appears that the latest episode in the continuing Apple App Store vs. Amazon Appstore saga has already emerged.

Black Friday On The App Store: The Numbers

Stores and malls are not the only ones that benefited from the Black Friday bargains. The App Store also had a great run with many low cost or free apps.

Bad News, Apple: Judge Sides With Amazon, Rejects Injunction Against "Appstore"

Last night brought bad news for the guys in Cupertino, CA: According to Dan Levine of Reuters (citing a court document), a U.S. judge has rejected the preliminary injunction Apple recently filed against Amazon. The disagreement, as I'm sure you remember, revolves around the recently launched Amazon Appstore.

Credit Where Credit Is Due: Apple Created "Apps" And The "App Store"

Apple is getting the short end of the stick in its "App Store" suit.

Amazon Cites Steve Jobs To Have Apple's 'App Store' Lawsuit Thrown Out today officially responded to Apple’s lawsuit over the name “app store.” Calling the March 18 court filing baseless, the online retailer is using Steve Jobs’ own words to get the case thrown out, in news first reported by GeekWire.

Review: iStudiez Pro

It's a task manager that caters to the needs of students, but is it really worth $2.99? Can a dedicated app for managing student courses establish its place against all of the generic task mangers of the App Store? Read the full review to find out!

Review: Cha-Ching

Cha-Ching is a money management app that offers some innovative features and a slick UI; but is it worth your hard earned cash? Read more to find out!

Review: 2Do: A Stunning To Do List with Push and Sync

The almost perfect to-do app for the iCal obsessed Mac user. The unfinished but highly potential to-do app for the rest of us.