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Review: Candy Rush - A Game Is Like A Box of Chocolates

A game is like a box of chocolates, or at least this one is. Candy Rush is a new time management game from Appy, and a Valentines version of their Zombie Pizza.

Trucks And Skulls For iPhone Now Available

Trucks And Skulls has been a smash hit on the iPad since release on Thursday. The iPhone version is now out, with more details inside.

Review: Trucks And Skulls - Metal, Explosions, and Lava, Oh My!

Trucks and Skulls is like Angry Birds, but with a darker theme with huge explosions too. The game compares to Angry Birds on the surface, but is it more than that? Read on to find out.

iPad App BreakDown: Tune Runner HD

Tune Runner is a unique take on the music genre where you draw shapes for a character to dance to. You get to play with any song in your iPod library. Now it's on the iPad. Find out if it's worth $3.99 if you only own an iPad or already own the iPhone version.

iPad App Breakdown: Face Fighter HD Face2Face

Beat-up pre made faces or photos of friends in this comedic fighter. Is it worth $3.99 if you only own an iPad or if you already own the iPhone version? Click through to find out.

From GDC: Appy Entertainment Talks iPad Plans

Appy Entertainment who created Face Fighter, Zombie Pizza, and Tune Runner discusses their plans for the iPad. Are they bringing their unique game style to the new device. Read on to find out.

Review of Three Halloween Games - Just the Verdict! Plus Video

Halloween is Tomorrow. In celebration here are three reviews of three major Halloween Games. We are giving just the verdict of Scarecrow, Horror Racing, and Zombie Pizza. Plus there's my video of all three in action. Find out which Halloween games you should have that may last beyond the holiday.