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appy entertainment

Animal Legends Are Heroes Of Great Wealth And Power, Can You Afford Them?

Take your animal heroes to battle and then help them build a village in this adventure game for the iPhone and iPad.

Appy Entertainment's Trucks And Skulls Nitro Goes Free In A Big Way

Nearly nine months after the release, Appy Entertainment has placed a permanent "Free" sticker on the iPhone and iPod touch version of their puzzle game, Trucks and Skulls NITRO.

Get The Heavy Metal Smashing And Nitro Burning Action Free In Trucks And Skulls Lite

Appy Entertainment brings you the nitro burning, skull crushing, explosive action of the physics-puzzler hit Trucks and Skulls in a completely free test drive version, Trucks and Skulls Lite.

All-In-1 ZombieBox Provides Guts, Gore, Brains, And More With 10 Zombie Apps For Only $.99

Appy Entertainment feels that any time in October is plenty fine to enjoy gobs of gore, guts, blood, guns, and everything the haunting holiday of Halloween has to offer. In celebration of the upcoming holiday, they've teamed up with nine other developers to bring you 10 zombie related iOS apps for the price of a single title with All-In-1 ZombieBox.

iPad App BreakDown: Tune Runner HD

Tune Runner is a unique take on the music genre where you draw shapes for a character to dance to. You get to play with any song in your iPod library. Now it's on the iPad. Find out if it's worth $3.99 if you only own an iPad or already own the iPhone version.