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Apple's latest hire could point to an upcoming augmented reality product

Apple has poached an AR audio expert from Microsoft. But what could this mean?

Apple apparently focused on gaming in its plans for virtual and augmented reality

Here are more job listings suggesting that Apple is getting more serious about developing products that harness the power of virtual reality.

Audi's New iOS App Uses Augmented Reality To Make Car Repairs Less Complex

Audi has a new application for its 2015 A3 car, which aims to make repairs and maintenance less complex.

Aurasma 2.0 Adds New Features And Interface

Augmented reality is the future. Aurasma is one app that takes advantage of it.

Qualcomm Releases Augmented Reality SDK For iOS, Expect More Impressive AR Apps Soon

As originally noted by TechCrunch, Qualcomm has released its Augmented Reality Software Development Kit (SDK) for iOS. The SDK allows iOS developers to create impressive augmented reality applications, and is available to download now over at Qualcomm's website.

"RC vCar" Makes Your World A Remote Control Playground

Pop Culture Software creates one of the simplest and most endearing AR games with its latest app release.

Bring The Battlefield To Your Backyard With Pocket Jets

Pocket Jets makes beautiful use of the iPhone 4's camera and gyroscope to create a truly immersive experience. Other than a few minor things, it's hard to find something not to like in this exciting augmented reality game.

New AppGuide: Augmented Reality Shooters

Augmented reality apps and shooter apps were made for one another. There is nothing quite like having the battlefield being brought into your own home. There are many different approaches to this genre of AR shooters. We compare the best of them in this AppGuide.

New AppGuide: Print Out Enabled Augmented Reality Apps

Augmented reality apps provide some true innovation in the app space. There are several different ways to bring AR functionality into apps. One way is by using “print outs.” Print outs are files that you can either print out or display on an iPad. Simply point your iPhone 4, iPod touch 4, or iPad 2 at this print out and the fun begins. We compare the best of the print out augmented reality apps in this AppGuide.

Needing Some Space In The U.K.?

Whether you need a small flat or a few dozen scenic manors, there's now an app for that. Those searching for space can now find available properties and research all 27 million residences in the U.K. from one free app.

Augmented Reality Apps Take Gyroscope For A Spin

When Apple announced the iPhone 4 was going to come with a gyroscope and new API's to interface with it, it came as a surprise to developers who have had little time to discover how they can use and write apps for it. Now, at least one developer is starting to add it to their augmented reality apps.