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arcade racer

Mad Wheels Hitting App Store Tonight

Mad Wheels and Mad Wheels HD are hitting the App Store tonight. The game is a top-down arcade racer with weapons and fast-paced gameplay. It also features gorgeous 3D graphics and online multiplayer.

Reckless Racing Follow-Up Hits App Store

Reckless Getaway offers an arcade take on the classic Spy Hunter formula. As a getaway driver, you will have to escape from police in action-packed chases.

Pixelbite Games Reveals Reckless Getaway

A new arcade-style game has been announced by Pixelbite Games. The game is a follow-up to Reckless Racing and will be called Reckless Getaway. Pixelbite Games has showcased the upcoming title with a trailer.

Take A Thrilling Ride With 8 Bit Rally

A truly thrilling racing experience on the iPhone! The new game 8 Bit Rally will satisfy you endlessly with 60 exciting tracks, record speeds, and many upgrades.

Review: Asphalt 6: Adrenaline - Experience The Rush

Perhaps the most anticipated racer of the year, Asphalt 6 is finally here. Combining everything you loved about the past titles in the series with a blast of heart-pounding adrenaline, this swift arcade game is sure to take your breath away. How does it compare to other recently released racers? Read on to find out more.

Review: Danger Derby - If Tracks Could Kill

In the mood for a racing game where you need to care more about the track than your opponents? Well Danger Derby may be for you. Click through to find out if this iPad top down racer is worth picking up.

Review: Split/Second

Be a stuntman driver racing through TV sets that are rigged to blow. Split/Second is a new arcade racer for the iPhone that was released with the console version. Read on to find out if it's worth $6.99.