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armor games

Planet Revenge is like a level-based Flappy Bird in outer space

You don’t need a Ph.D. in astrophysics to play this new “gravitational” iOS game, Planet Revenge.

Quirky App Of The Day: Solve The Case Of Boggy Bog With Detective Grimoire

Help Detective Grimoire solve the case of Boggy Bog by building your case file.

Infectonator Spawns An Endless Runner Sequel: Hot Chase

Armor Games has launched Infectonator: Hot Chase in the App Store.

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers Will Arrive Early Next Month

The sequel to the popular tower defense game adds more levels, towers, heroes, and enemies.

Fly Through The Skies And Get Your Message Across The World With Flight!

If you've ever wanted to fly a paper airplane across the globe, then here's your chance.

Flight! Lands Thursday With Upgraded Visuals, New Controls

Armor Games is bringing its hit Web game Flight! to the App Store on Thursday.

If You Follow The Rabbit, He’ll Take You On A Wondrous Adventure

You may never catch this rabbit, but you’ll definitely have fun trying.

Now On iPhone, Kingdom Rush Could Be The Perfect Tower Defense Game

Classic tower defense gameplay with excellent level design, gorgeous artwork, and a level of control not often found in the genre.