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Art Set Gets New Graphics Engine, Retina Support, iOS 7 Optimization And More

Art Set has received a great update, while also spawning a "pro" edition of the application.

Get Your Art On With These iPad Apps

Make beautiful art using your iPad.

Unleash Your Creativity With These Apps

Want to unleash your inner artist? You might be amazed at what you can create just using your iPhone!

New AppList: Turn Photos Into Art

Sometimes photo editors and filters just aren’t enough. You want to turn your photos into real works of printable, framable art. If you don’t have the skills to create art freehand, try out some of these incredible apps and make yourself a masterpiece in minutes.

QuickAdvice: Artist’s Touch Allows Anyone To Be An Artist

Adults and children alike can create abstract art from a favorite photo with Artist's Touch.

Nomad Capacitive Brush Available Now: Turn Your iPad Into A Virtual Canvas

“Nomad Brush” – a paint brush that actually works with the iPad’s touchscreen – is now available to purchase online for $24.00. If you often find yourself sketching on your iPad, you’ll undoubtedly want to get a Nomad Brush as soon as possible.

Professional Artists (Not Me) Adopting The iPad

While making art on the iPhone and iPad is not news, some great examples of artists transitioning to the iPad are now coming out of the UK. Read the full story if you want to see some of this great art and not just my poor attempt at it.

Review: Song Sift

If you are frustrated that Apple didn't include a search feature for artists or albums with more than one song chillax. There's an app for that. Song Sift is a brand new offering by inedible software and it fixes that annoying little problem. Follow me to see how well it does the job.