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atomic web browser

Mr. Reader Challenges Reeder App With Huge Update

One of the more recent Google Reader apps for the iPad has received its first significant update. Mr. Reader by Oliver Fürniß includes new features, improvements, and a few bug fixes too as it transitions to Version 1.1.

Atomic Web Browser's Return Is Accompanied By A Significant Update

After a brief disappearance following guideline violations, RichTech's Atomic Web Browser returns to the App Store via an update. Atomic Web Browser v5.5 adds enhancements to autofill, tab management, privacy, search, and more.

Opera Browser For The iPad Set For Release

Tired of using mobile Safari on the iPad? Looking for another way to browse the web on your iDevice? We’ve got big news for you.

Atomic Web Browser Updated With Download Manager, AirPrint Support, And More

In an attempt to prove third party browsers have the ability to offer a wealth of features to customers, the latest version of RichTech's Atomic Web Browser adds a download and file manager, support for AirPrint wireless printing, improved web page archiving, improved tab handling, and more.

Atomic Web Browser Goes 4.0: Adds Video Output, New Gesture, And Plenty More

As the mobile web browser wars rage on, developers need to continue improving and adding features to not only win over Safari uses but their competition. Atomic Web Browser already contained some of the most sought after features like tabs, full screen mode, and in-page searching, but what else does RichTech's offering provide?