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AT&T iPhone

Oh No, AT&T Is Having Problems Activating New iPhones!

We've received numerous reports from readers indicating that they cannot activate their new iPhone 4S when purchased through AT&T. This has been confirmed by an AppAdvice employee as well as Apple Insider. The issue occurs when a user attempts to activate service on the iPhone specifically or through iTunes.

Worldwide iOS Market To Top 404 Million Units By 2012 - Report

The No. 1 smart phone sold at both AT&T and Verizon in April was the iPhone 4, according to news reported by Electronista. Also selling “very strong” was the iPad 2.

White iPhone 4 Makes Landfall On American Shores

Apple's white iPhone 4 for the US matches European release with an April 27 Best Buy launch. AT&T models confirmed, Verizon models suspected.

AT&T's Latest Financials Suggest Verizon's iPhone Deal Meant Very Little

One might have expected Verizon’s ability to sell the iPhone 4 might have knocked AT&T off course. However, according to the company’s first quarter financials, that didn’t happen.

New Survey Suggests AT&T And Verizon iPhone Customers Are Each Quite Different

According to a new Mobclix survey, there are clear differences between AT&T iPhone users and their Verizon iPhone counterparts. The results of the survey are quite interesting.

AT&T, Verizon Do Battle Over iPhone 4 With New Ads (Posted Here)

AT&T and Verizon are continuing their back and forth to gain new iPhone 4 customers. This time, it’s AT&T, which recently released their second iPhone 4 ad since losing exclusivity in February. But don't worry Verizon fans: they have their own ad too.

Who Needs An iPad 2? Latest iOS 4.3 Release Could Come As Early As Wednesday

Apple’s iOS 4.3 update could be available as early as tomorrow morning, according to news first reported by The Loop. The build, which Apple originally said wouldn’t be available until Friday, March 11, is compatible with the upcoming iPad 2, along with the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 GSM, third- and fourth-generation iPod touch, and original iPad.

Are iPhone Users Running To Verizon? AT&T's Chief Responds

An AT&T executive puts on his game face, and says his company is doing just fine after losing its iPhone exclusivity in the U.S. One analyst seems to agree.

AT&T Offering iPhone Personal Hotspot Feature Beginning Next Week

AT&T has announced it will offer a personal hotspot feature for its iPhone 4, effective with the iOS 4.3 release. This will give AT&T subscribers a service that has been available on the Verizon iPhone 4 since its release last month.

One Comparison: Verizon iPhone vs. AT&T iPhone

The Verizon iPhone and AT&T iPhone are basically the same; there are only minor differences. Because of that, it is difficult to say which one is better, since a lot depends on where the user lives and works, as well as what types of services are most important to them. Keeping that in mind, the folks at Ars Technica attempted to compare both handsets and determine which was better.

Apple Details "Understanding Phone Features" For Both GSM And CDMA iPhones

No talking while using data, minimal international usability, lack of being able to have a conference call with more than three people, etc. These limitations of the Verizon iPhone may turn you off, but are they deal breakers?