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aTV Flash (black)

FireCore Updates Seas0nPass To Add Untethered Jailbreak For Apple TV 5.3

FireCore has added support for Apple TV 5.3 firmware to its jailbreak applications.

FireCore's Infuse Gets Gestures, Enhanced Grouping And More

FireCore has added a number of great features to its Infuse application.

FireCore Updates aTV Flash (Black), Adds Support For Apple TV 5.3 And More

FireCore has updated its popular jailbreak software, aTV Flash (black).

Popular Apple TV Jailbreak Software aTV Flash (Black) Goes On Sale

First- and second-generation Apple TV users can now "supercharge" their set-top box using FireCore's aTV Flash (black) at a cheaper price.

FireCore Updates aTV Flash (Black) To Version 1.5

FireCore has recently updated its Apple TV jailbreak software, aTV Flash (black), to version 1.5. Now, users of the software can enjoy a number of new features, including NFS streaming and a much-improved media player.

FireCore Launches Updated Seas0nPass, Adds 5.0 (iOS 5.1) Compatibility

The folks over at FireCore have launched a brand-new version of Seas0nPass, adding 5.0 (iOS 5.1) compatibility. This means fans of Seas0nPass can now update to the most recent version of the Apple TV OS (which adds a new interface, and a bunch of other new features), while still enjoying the many benefits FireCore's jailbreak software provides.

FireCore Updates aTV Flash (Black) - Adds New Features, Fixes Bugs

FireCore has just updated its aTV Flash (black) jailbreak software to version 1.4, adding a number of features and making a whole load of bug fixes and performance improvements.

Jailbreak Only: aTV Flash (Black) Updated - Adds Automated Backups, Translations

FireCore has recently updated its aTV Flash (black) jailbreak software, adding support for automated backups, translations and advanced (learned) remote commands.

Jailbreak Only: Seas0nPass Updated - Untethers Latest Version Of Apple TV's Operating System

Great news, Apple TV owners: FireCore has recently updated its Seas0nPass jailbreak solution for Apple's set-top box, adding untethered jailbreak support for the latest version of its operating system (4.4.4).

FireCore Updates aTV Flash - Enhances Media Player, Adds Cloud Backup

FireCore has released a major update to aTV Flash (black), its jailbreak software package that users can install on their second generation Apple TV. The package brings a number of features, and this latest update enhances the Media Player and adds a cloud backup option. The software update (beta 7) is currently available to download now.