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augmented reality

Apple's new hire suggests it's getting serious about virtual reality

Apple has hired a key player in the field of virtual reality in the person of Doug Bowman.

Apple is expected to work on its own virtual reality products in 2016

Apple has big plans for virtual reality and augmented reality, one analyst believes.

Your new iPhone 6s might play havoc with augmented reality

A bug, possibly in an iOS 9 API, is causing major problems with augmented reality apps.

Apple's latest hire could point to an upcoming augmented reality product

Apple has poached an AR audio expert from Microsoft. But what could this mean?

Turn your home into a horror game in Night Terrors

This augmented reality game will turn your home into a horror movie set.

Is Apple the next name in augmented reality?

Piper Jaffray senior research analyst Gene Munster believes Apple may be tinkering with augmented reality.

Apple apparently focused on gaming in its plans for virtual and augmented reality

Here are more job listings suggesting that Apple is getting more serious about developing products that harness the power of virtual reality.

Google's Ingress global augmented reality game out now on iOS

Google has just released Ingress on iOS, seven months after it officially launched the game on Android.

Turn Your iPad Into A Sword With The Bonsai Slice Game

Who knew your iPad could become a virtual sword?

Add A Soundtrack To Your Walks With Chicago Avenue Moon

Turn a casual walk into an epic movie scene with this virtual soundtrack creator.

German Automaker Volkswagen Unveils An Augmented Reality Repair App

The iPad-based program is currently only for the company's XL1 concept car.

Audi's New iOS App Uses Augmented Reality To Make Car Repairs Less Complex

Audi has a new application for its 2015 A3 car, which aims to make repairs and maintenance less complex.

Fight As A Giant Robot Or A Monstrous Creature In Pacific Rim: Jaeger Vs Kaiju Battle

Pacific Rim: Jaeger vs. Kaiju Battle lets you bring the fight between Jaeger and Kaiju from the big screen to your iDevice's screen.

If There’s Something Strange In Your iPhone, Who Ya Gonna Call? Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast

Don’t cross the streams as you blast your Neutrona Wand at that slimy green blob in the living room.

App Synergy: How To Combine AR And QR

Today we’ll look at doing something basic: making cards. The example below shows a Father’s Day card to mark the occasion, but it certainly works for any other card you’d like to make.

Solitaire Zen Puts You In A Virtual Game Of Cards

Enter a hyper-realistic world of solitaire and peaceful bird chirping.

Invasions Turns Your Living Room Into The Setting For A Space Battle

Using augmented reality and your device’s internal gyroscope, shoot your way through oncoming aliens right in your living room.

Augmented Reality Coming To Los Angeles' Foremost Chronicler Of Daily Reality

The LA Times has released an iOS app paving the way for the use of AR in its pages.

Iron Man Demoes Marvel's New Augmented Reality-Enabled Comic Books

Marvel is set to release Marvel AR (Augmented Reality) and Marvel Infinite Comics.

WallitApp Encourages You To Write On Walls

WallitApp is a new twist on social networking that lets you use augmented reality to interact with those around you.

LifeClipping: Step Into A Psychedelic Dream Controlled By iPhone

Artists and scientists work together to create a breathtaking augmented reality world that takes over an entire park.

Tour Wrist Brings The World To You

Tour Wrist is a universal, virtual travel app that lets you visit places all over the world through 360 degree high quality photographs. You can visit the most lavish hotels in the world, or just visit a coffee shop down the street, without having to leave your home or spend a dime.

Qualcomm Releases Augmented Reality SDK For iOS, Expect More Impressive AR Apps Soon

As originally noted by TechCrunch, Qualcomm has released its Augmented Reality Software Development Kit (SDK) for iOS. The SDK allows iOS developers to create impressive augmented reality applications, and is available to download now over at Qualcomm's website.

AppBlaster: The Ultimate iPhone Accessory?

AppBlaster is a new accessory that users can hook up to their iPhone, and use to shoot aliens and other terrifying creatures in a special augmented reality app called Alien Attack.