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Is Cupertino slowing Apple Pay growth by charging too much?

Could Cupertino's share of interchange fees could be slowing the growth of Apple Pay?

Some great iOS games by developers from down under are free for Australia Day

A handful of acclaimed iOS games by developers based down under have just gone free apparently in celebration of Australia Day.

Apple's 'App Store' trademark appeal goes down in Australia

Apple’s appeal to trademark the term “app store” in Australia has been dismissed.

AppleCare+ program will soon expand to Australia

The warranty service also offers protection for up to two incidents of accidental damage.

Apple's iTunes Pass launches in the United States and Australia

Apple's iTunes Pass is in the process of rolling out internationally.

Apple's iPhone trade-in program goes down under, offers up to $250 in Australia

Apple has just gone down under with its iPhone trade-in program.

AppAdvice International: Canada To Get Wi-Fi Calling, Price Hikes In South Africa

This week we're talking Rogers Wireless, Australia's retail staff, and South Africa's App Store pricing.

Australian Retail Employees Sign A New 4-Year Contract With Apple

Apple has published a new four-year contract which has recently been signed by its retail staff in Australia.

Apple Reacts To 'Ransomware' Incident Supposedly Caused By iCloud Hacking

Apple denies that iCloud was compromised during the incident that caused Mac and iOS devices to be remotely locked for ransom.

Hackers Seek Ransom After Remotely Locking Mac And iOS Devices In Australia

A number of Mac and iOS users in Australia have found their Apple devices hacked for ransom.

AppAdvice International: Stonehenge, Strong Sales, iTunes Connect And More

This week's AppAdvice International takes us to Stonehenge, Europe, Japan, Australia, and Brazil.

Strong iPhone 5s Sales See Apple Regain Market Share In Europe, Japan And Australia

Apple's iPhone 5s has helped Cupertino secure bigger shares of several international smartphone markets.

AppAdvice International: Tax In Britain, The Maps App, China Mobile And More

This week's edition of AppAdvice International takes us to Britain, Australia, China, Canada, and more.

AppAdvice International: iOS 7.1, Canada, Belgium And More

This week we're talking iOS 7.1, Canada's iPhone trade-in program, Belgium, and more.

News360 Goes International With New 'Editions' For Britain, Australia And Canada

News360 has gone international thanks to a recent update.

AppAdvice International: Siri, Brazil And Scotland Yard's Tablet Investment

This week's edition of AppAdvice International takes us to London, Brazil, and iOS 7.1 beta.

Look Who's Talking: Siri To Get More 'Natural Sounding' Voices In iOS 7.1

In iOS 7.1, international users should find that Siri sounds more like a real person.

AppAdvice International: Carrier Takeovers, Phablet Demand And iTunes Radio

This week's edition of AppAdvice International takes us to Britain, China, and into the iOS 7.1 Settings app.

Apple To Add Siri Gender Option For International Users In iOS 7.1

It looks like international users with be able to alter Siri's gender in iOS 7.1.

AppAdvice International: China Mobile, Brisbane's Retail Store And Black Sabbath

This week's edition of AppAdvice International takes us to China, Australia, and the iTunes Store.

Apple's Flagship Brisbane Retail Store Opens Its Doors To The Public

Apple's Brisbane Retail Store has opened its doors to the general public.

Ahead Of Launch, Images Of Brisbane's Flagship Apple Retail Store Surface Online

We can now take a look inside Brisbane's new Apple Retail Store ahead of schedule.

AppAdvice International: The Woz, China, Brisbane And Britain

This week we're discussing Steve Wozniak in China, 4G LTE in the Channel Tunnel, and a new Apple Retail Store in Brisbane, Australia.

Apple's Brisbane Retail Store Set For Grand Opening On Jan. 17

Apple's Brisbane retail store is set to open its doors on Jan. 17.