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Back to the future

If Doc Brown Owned An iPad mini, This Is How He'd Have Used It

Who needs CarPlay when you can fit an iPad mini in your 1981 DeLorean's dashboard?

Popular iOS Apps And Games On Sale For A Limited Time - Now Over 200 To Choose From!

We're now on round two of our coverage of the massive app and game sale that's currently taking place in the App Store.

Back To The Future Ep 2 HD Released For iPad

Back to the Future Ep 2 HD hit the App Store for the iPad. This is a Telltale Games point-and-click adventure series based on hit films from the 80s.

Does Back To The Future Run Any Better On The iPad 2?

Back To The Future was one of the few apps to have problems running on the iPad 1. Does the iPad 2 run the app any better, even with no enhancements from the developer? Click through to find out and see for yourself if there are any differences.

GDC 11: TellTale Games Has Big Plans for the iPad2

TellTale Games are the developers of deluxe adventure games that push the limits of the current iOS hardware. But with the introduction of the iPad 2 last week, TellTale Games is looking to potentially bring more of their games to the App Store.

Review: Back To The Future Episode 1 - It's About Time

Great Scott! Back To The Future is back in a whole new way. There's a new storyline for the game on the iPad. Read on to find out how it plays, and if it's worth picking up.

iFlux Returns To The App Store With A New Name

A few weeks ago iFlux was removed from the AppStore due to copyright issues with Universal Studios. Now, it's back, with a new name and some changes. Read more...