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barack obama

Apple outlines its participation in President Obama's ConnectED initiative

Apple has just launched a new microsite profiling its participation in President Obama’s ConnectED initiative.

Apple Gets Nod In President Obama's 2014 State Of The Union Address

President Barack Obama acknowledged Apple and a handful of other tech companies with regard to the state of education in the U.S.

Apple CEO Tim Cook And Other Top Tech Execs To Meet With President Obama On Dec. 17

Apple CEO Tim Cook and other key people from top tech companies are expected to attend a meeting with President Barack Obama on Tuesday, Dec. 17.

President Obama Still Uses His BlackBerry Rather Than An iPhone For 'Security Reasons'

Instead of carrying an iPhone, U.S. President Barack Obama remains a BlackBerry user.

President Obama Meets With Apple CEO Tim Cook Over Government Surveillance

President Barack Obama has met with Apple CEO Tim Cook concerning government surveillance.

Apple Gets Special Mention During President Obama's State Of The Union Address

Apple was tonight given a special mention by President Barack Obama during his 2013 State of the Union address.

Tim Cook To Sit Alongside Michelle Obama During State Of The Union Address

A White House official has confirmed that Apple CEO Tim Cook will be one of first lady Michelle Obama's guests this year.

The Official Inaugural 2013 App Has Arrived, But Be Careful How You Use It

The official Inaugural 2013 app has some people crying foul.

Masterful Super PAC App Tells You Whether Those Political Ads Are Fair Or Fishy

Can't decide if those political ads are factual? The Super PAC App for the iPhone has come to the rescue to help you make a more informed decision at the ballot box.

iPhone & App Store Now Entertaining The President

Spotted by 9to5mac on the White House's Flickr account, this shot of US Vice President Joe Biden showing an iPhone app to President Barack Obama is making the rounds on the interwebs today