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Stretch your battery further with iOS 9's Low Power mode

In iOS 9, battery life is supposed to be improved and the new Low Power Mode should give you even more time to get to a charger.

New video all but confirms 2,915 mAh battery capacity for 5.5-inch 'iPhone 6'

A new video shows the 5.5-inch iPhone 6's battery as having a capacity of 2,915 mAh.

Apple launches a battery replacement program for its iPhone 5 handset

Apple has launched a new replacement program for the iPhone 5's battery.

Further leaked photos of battery of 4.7-inch 'iPhone 6' indicate 1,810 mAh capacity

The 4.7-inch version of Apple's so-called "iPhone 6" is likely to have a battery capacity of 1,810 mAh.

Apple's 5.5-inch 'iPhone 6' may come equipped with a 2,915 mAh battery

A newly leaked image is purported to be a photo of the battery for the 5.5-inch model of the "iPhone 6."

Batteries For Apple's iPhone 6 Spotted In A Production Tray

Could this be the battery Apple is planning on using in its iPhone 6 handset?

Cydia Tweak: Activator Beta Adds Custom Battery Level Triggers

Activator has just received a useful new feature thanks to its most recent update.

Apple Is Set To Automate iPhone Battery Production Later This Year

Apple is expected to use automated production lines for iPhone batteries from later this year.

This Jailbreak Tweak Can Add A Colored Battery Indicator To The Status Bar

BatteryStatusBar makes it easier than ever to check on iOS battery life while on the move.

Cydia Tweak: Bring Less Invasive Power Alerts To iOS 7 Using PowerBanners

PowerBanners is a new jailbreak tweak that can enhance how iOS 7 displays low battery alerts.

Cydia Tweak: BattSaver Promises To Double Your Battery Life Under iOS 7

This new jailbreak tweak can double your iOS device's battery life under iOS 7.

Apple's iPad Air Has The Longest Lasting Battery Among Current Tablets

The iPad Air has the best battery in the tablet market.

This Jailbreak Tweak Can Make Low Power Alerts A Thing Of The Past

Banish battery life alerts from your iOS device with NoLowPowerAlert.

Cydia Tweak: Circular Battery Brings A New Alkaline-Powered Battery Indicator To iOS

Give your iOS device a useful new battery life indicator with Circular Battery.

Cydia Tweak: BatterySafe Gets iOS 7 To Switch Off Power-Hungry Features

BatterySafe is a clever jailbreak tweak for iOS 7-powered iDevices.

Apple Confirms 'Limited' iPhone 5s Handsets Suffer Diminished Battery Life

Apple has confirmed that a number of iPhone 5s handsets are suffering from a battery life problem.

Cydia Tweak: Vox Offers iDevice Owners A New, Minimalistic Battery Indicator

One new jailbreak tweak can add a new, minimalistic battery life indicator to the iOS.

Apple's Curved Battery Research Could Point To Thinner iPhones, iWatch

Apple is working on thinner, curved batteries, but what could this mean for customers?

You'll Never Be Out Of Juice Again With The Satechi Portable Energy Station 10000

Always on the move, but not always guaranteed to have an outlet to juice up your iPhone or iPad? Worry no more with Satechi's Portable Energy Station external battery!

Satechi's New Portable Energy Station Packs A Punch

Satechi's new external battery pack has more than enough juice to keep your iPhone and iPad going when you need them most.

Product Review: The iPhone Keychain Charger

With proper planning, you can avoid having your iPhone's battery give out in the middle of your day. Without proper planning, the iPhone Keychain Charger will have you covered.

Angry Birds And Other Free Ad-Supported Apps Are Battery Hogs

The energy profiles of free mobile apps show that their relationships to their energy source is complicated.

New iPad Cells Take Twice As Long To Fill Up, May Also Run 'Warm'

We expected as much, but the fine folks at iFixit have confirmation: The new iPad battery takes longer to charge.

The New iPad's Biggest Advancement Might Actually Be Under The Hood

The Retina display is the new iPad's number-one feature, but it's bigger battery may be the most important.