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battery life

Update: You'll get more battery life with some iPhone 6s devices

If you're a heavy iPhone user, you might be better off with some iPhone 6s models than others.

Are you pumped for iOS 9? 5 top reasons you should be

Here are five of the best reasons to look forward to iOS 9 this fall.

5 reasons to get excited about iOS 9

Our top five reasons why you should update to iOS 9 as soon as it's available.

Battery life on Apple's 'iWatch' might not be all that great

A new report says Apple employees are setting low expectations for the device's battery.

Cydia Tweak: Activator Beta Adds Custom Battery Level Triggers

Activator has just received a useful new feature thanks to its most recent update.

Apple Is Set To Automate iPhone Battery Production Later This Year

Apple is expected to use automated production lines for iPhone batteries from later this year.

This Clever Mac Utility Brings iOS Battery Notifications To The OS X Status Bar

This new Mac app can help you better manage the battery life of your iOS devices.

Cydia Tweak: Bring Less Invasive Power Alerts To iOS 7 Using PowerBanners

PowerBanners is a new jailbreak tweak that can enhance how iOS 7 displays low battery alerts.

Cydia Tweak: BattSaver Promises To Double Your Battery Life Under iOS 7

This new jailbreak tweak can double your iOS device's battery life under iOS 7.

This Jailbreak Tweak Can Make Low Power Alerts A Thing Of The Past

Banish battery life alerts from your iOS device with NoLowPowerAlert.

Cydia Tweak: Circular Battery Brings A New Alkaline-Powered Battery Indicator To iOS

Give your iOS device a useful new battery life indicator with Circular Battery.

Cydia Tweak: BatterySafe Gets iOS 7 To Switch Off Power-Hungry Features

BatterySafe is a clever jailbreak tweak for iOS 7-powered iDevices.

Apple Confirms 'Limited' iPhone 5s Handsets Suffer Diminished Battery Life

Apple has confirmed that a number of iPhone 5s handsets are suffering from a battery life problem.

Cydia Tweak: Vox Offers iDevice Owners A New, Minimalistic Battery Indicator

One new jailbreak tweak can add a new, minimalistic battery life indicator to the iOS.

How To Take Control Of Your Cellular Data

With carriers moving towards limited and shared data plans, it’s important to know how to keep your data usage under control.

Save Your Juice With These Battery Saving Tips

Don't use all your juice before the day is even over! Watch the show to see easy ways to conserve your battery's life.

Carat Identifies iOS App-Bugs And -Hogs, Ultimately Aims To Improve Your Battery Life

Carat (free) is a clever, new app that promises to provide users with the information required to potentially vastly improve the battery life of their iPhone handset.

Tests Show The New iPad Battery Almost As Good As Predecessor

Despite featuring a high resolution display and LTE networking options, the new iPad’s battery almost holds up to the iPad 2.

AppAdvice Daily: Over The Air Updates Are Here, VP Of The Week, And Holiday Apps

The first over the air update has been pushed out, we have our Viewer Pick of the Week, and a must have download to get us ready for holiday season.

New iPhone 4 Commercial - Battery Life

Apple has released a new iPhone 4 commercial, that is all about the handset's battery life. Read on to find out more, and to view the ad ...

Jailbreak Only: Auto3G - Save Battery Life On Your iPhone

If your iPhone is forever running out of power, be sure to read on, and find out more about Auto3G. The tweak allows jailbroken iPhone owners to prolong their handset's battery life by having the phone automatically switch to 2G when not in use.