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Get Labor Day And Back To School Savings On These Great Apps For A Limited Time

Labor Day is nearly upon us, and what better way to celebrate than by providing the working class with some discounts, right? This limited time sale includes apps for the little ones and the more mature.

EA Mobile Offers Huge iOS App Price Reductions In 'Back To School' Promotion

Good news, app fans: EA Mobile, the publisher of a large number of popular iOS applications, is offering iDevice owners huge savings on iPhone and iPad games (up to 80 percent off!) as part of a "back to school" promotion.

Hasbro Teams Up With Volumique To Offer A New Experience On Some Classic Games

Hasbro is releasing new versions of three popular board games this year. Being dubbed the "zAPPed" series, these new variants consist of mixing analog and digital gameplay methods for another twist on some long-lived classics.

Best Of E3: BATTLESHIP For iPad

The classic BATTLESHIP game is finally coming to the iPad! After arriving on the iPhone/iPod touch way back in December 2009, the game will arrive for the tablet later this year.

Review: iSink U iPad Edition - You've Sunk My Battleship

iSink U is a new twist on the classic Battleship. Is this game an improvement or not, and a new way to say "you've sunk my battleship." click through to find out.

Review: Battleship

Another board game that has made the jump to digital. Has EA and Hasbro upgraded a well-loved classic? Or have they sent it sinking into the depths? Let's find out.