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battleship for ipad

The Best iPad Apps Of The Week

Here are the best iPad apps released or updated during the past week. Thoughts?

EA's Digital Version Of Battleship Finally Comes To The iPad

Though similar to the longstanding iPhone and iPod touch version, Battleship for iPad is more than a simple graphics enhancement and spreading user interface elements out to best utilize the larger screen.

All The Best Of E3 [Videos]

We had the chance to demo a lot of new products at this year's E3 conference in Los Angeles, California. Here are links to all of the articles we published. Each one includes a video showing some of the new stuff to expect from developers in the coming months. Enjoy!

Best Of E3: BATTLESHIP For iPad

The classic BATTLESHIP game is finally coming to the iPad! After arriving on the iPhone/iPod touch way back in December 2009, the game will arrive for the tablet later this year.

AppAdvice Daily: E3 Exclusives

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3, just finished, but we're here to bring you tons of exclusive sneak peeks at upcoming games from Chillingo, Gameloft, EA, Sega, Capcom and more!