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BlackBerry updates BBM with iOS 8 redesign, iPhone 6 support and more features

BBM for iOS has just received its anticipated major update.

BBM update brings longer timers, group chat stickers and support for iOS 8 and iPhone 6

BlackBerry is rolling out several significant new features for its popular cross-platform messaging app.

BBM for iOS updated with timed messaging, message retraction and more

Timed messaging and message retraction features have come to BBM for iOS.

BBM takes on Snapchat with new timer and message retraction features

BlackBerry has just unveiled a couple of new features that it's been readying to launch in BBM.

BlackBerry comes out firing with 5 reasons BBM tops Apple’s iMessage service

The smartphone maker is trying to paint Apple’s service as spam haven.

BBM for iOS updated with redesigned interface to make adding contacts easier

BlackBerry has just issued a small yet nonetheless notable update to the iOS version of its popular messaging app.

BBM For iOS Updated With Simpler Signup, Easier Contact Adding And Other Tweaks

BBM for iOS has received an update that includes several notable improvements.

Upcoming BBM Update To Feature Simpler Signup, Easier Friending And More

BlackBerry has just announced that it's set to release a significant update to BBM for iOS.

BlackBerry Is Updating Its BBM iOS App Adding Stickers, Group Photo Sharing And More

BlackBerry is set to update its BBM for iOS app later today making a number of changes.

Following Big 2.0 Update, BBM To Gain More New Features And Improvements Soon

BlackBerry has just announced that even more enhancements are coming soon to BBM.

BBM Version 2.0 Arrives With Voice Calling, Channels And Location Sharing

Users can now also take advantage of Dropbox integration to send information directly to a contact.

Look, Ma, No PINs! BBM For iOS Now Lets You Easily Find Friends To Chat With

BlackBerry has just updated BBM for iOS with a new feature that lets you easily find and invite friends to chat with on the popular messaging app.

BBM For iOS To Get New Major Features Including BBM Voice, BBM Channels And More

Several major new features, including BBM Voice and BBM Channels, are set to be added to BBM early next year.

Blackberry Opens Up BBM To Wi-Fi Only iPad, iPod touch Users

You now don’t need a cellular data connection to use the messaging app on iOS devices.

BBM For iOS Gets First Update, Fixes Font-Related Bug On iOS 7.0.3

The long-awaited (and long-overdue) iOS version of BlackBerry Messenger aka BBM has just received its first update, just a couple of days after its release.

Is BBM For iPhone All It Was Hyped Up To Be?

After years of waiting, BBM for iPhone is here. With all of the other exclusive and cross-platform messaging services that are currently available, how does it stack up?

Today's Best Apps: BBM, Ricochet: Retro Space Shooter And Spores

Discover the most useful and entertaining iOS apps from the last 24 hours.

BBM For iPhone Has Finally Landed In The App Store

Much like with the popular Mailbox app, users will have to suffer through a reservation system.

BBM Could Launch On iOS And Android 'Within Days,' Says BlackBerry CMO

BlackBerry Messenger aka BBM could finally launch on iOS and Android "within days," according to BlackBerry CMO Frank Boulben.

After Botched Rollout, BBM For iOS And Android Not Likely To Launch This Week

Don't expect to witness the advent of "BBM for all" anytime soon.

Oops! BlackBerry Puts Off Launch Of BBM For iOS And Android Following App Leak

BlackBerry has halted the global rollout of BBM for iOS and Android.

BBM For All: BlackBerry Messenger Confirmed To Launch On iOS This Weekend

BlackBerry has announced a launch date for the iOS version of its popular messaging service.

BlackBerry Messenger For iOS Already Submitted For Apple's Review 2 Weeks Ago

If you've been wondering what has become of the long-awaited iOS version of BlackBerry Messenger aka BBM, wonder no more.

BlackBerry Accidentally Posts Comprehensive BBM For iOS User Guide

The move could signal that the launch of the app is imminent.