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beat em up

Do You Have The Right Moves To Be The Gesture Ninja?

This game can help relieve you of some stress.

It's Time To Punch Some Bad Bears In The Face In Fist Of Awesome

Get stress relief with some good old fashioned bear punching in the retro beat-em-up, Fist of Awesome.

Use Your Ninja Skills To Hack-N-Slash Your Way Through Nakama

Crescent Moon's latest game will keep you entertained for hours with beautiful visuals and challenging beat-em-up gameplay.

Embark Upon A Roaring Rampage Of Revenge In Trigger City For iPhone

Trigger City is a brand new application, in which players embark upon an all-out roaring rampage of revenge.

Wrongfully Canned? Fight Back In Beatdown!

Ever wish you could fight back for being wrongfully terminated at work? Now you can, without all the legal issues, with a new hit from Ravenous Games.

Double Dragon Price Drops To Celebrate A New Update

Double Dragon has been remade for the iPhone. The game has also been updated recently, and to celebrate it is temporarily available for half price.

X-Men The Arcade Game Hits The App Store

Ever played the 1992 X-Men arcade game? Konami has just ported it to the iDevices. The game is available as a universal app and offers the same beat-em-up fun of the arcade hit.

Sega Releases Retro Fighter Streets Of Rage 3 For iPhone

Sega releases the third installment of it's beat-em-up fighting series Streets of Rage. Streets of Rage 3 is hitting various App Stores currently at a price of USD $2.99.

Review: WackyLands Boss - Play As The Bad Guy

Have you ever wanted to play as a big huge monster boss rather than the hero? Well WackyLands Boss puts you in that position. Read on to find out all about it.

Review: Knight's Rush - The Onrush Is Over, Now The Rush Is On!

Knight's Onrush had a lite version called A Quest For Knight's Onrush, that has spawned a full length game Knight's Rush. It was just released today, so find out if it's worth picking up for $2.99.