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Take control of your destiny in Cosmophony, a challenging musical arcade shooter

Are you skilled enough to fulfill your destiny in the dying universe of Cosmophony?

Apple Subsidiary FileMaker Reportedly Lays Off Employees Amid Poor Sales

Apple subsidiary FileMaker is rumored to have discharged a number of employees amid poor sales performance.

Apple Subsidiary FileMaker To Stop Offering Bento In Order To Focus On Flagship Product

FileMaker is set to stop offering all editions of its popular Bento personal database app by the end of September.

Bento Updated: Syncs With Bento For Mac, Adds New Features

FileMaker, Inc.'s popular iOS application, Bento, has recently received an update. Now, users of the application can enjoy support for iOS 4 (multitasking and high resolution icons), support for Bento 4 for Mac, and a variety of other new features and improvements.

Like Everything Else, The iPhone Is Better With Bacon

While Apple did provide several different types of free cases for iPhone 4 owners, they were all missing one thing: Bacon.

Review: Bento for iPad

In our crazy, hectic world, it seems that everyone is looking for that all in one application that can help them manage their day to day lives.  A simple search in iTunes will turn up dozens of such offerings from Calendars to Contacts to applications to create To Do Lists or manage Projects and Events.  Many titles claim to be that do it all Swiss pocket knife application in an ever growing field of choices.  Bento for iPad is one of those taking a shot of actually delivering.

Bento For iPad: Project Management Never Looked So Good

An enhanced version of Bento, specifically redesigned for iPad will be available on launch day. Read on to find out more and check out the screenshots.

How To: Using Bento App And Syncing With Bento For Mac

If you want find a simple solution on how to organize your life or small business, Bento will help you find the answer. Bento started out as a simple desktop program for the mac by the creators of FileMaker Pro., but now has an iPhone app that works and syncs beautifully with the desktop companion. Here are a few tips to get you synced with Bento for mac and to get started with the powerful app.

Organize Your Life, Bento For iPhone Available

New app allows you to create and manage a database on your iPhone that you can sync to the desktop version of Bento.