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Microsoft updates Bing for iPhone to help you shop faster and save more

Microsoft has just released another major update to the official iPhone app of its Bing search engine.

Microsoft updates Bing for iPhone with in-store price comparison and more

Microsoft has just released a new update that serves as a follow-up to the major overhaul it brought upon Bing for iPhone last month.

Personalize Bing Search and wear it on your wrist

This popular search tool is bringing more useful features to the table.

You can get rewarded for searching with Microsoft’s Bing

With Bing Rewards, you can search to earn credits which you can redeem in exchange for rewards.

Bing versus Google: iPad search engine apps go head-to-head

It's that time again: this week, Bing for iPad and Google are heading into the App Smackdown ring.

Microsoft takes on Safari with its revamped Bing app featuring private search and more

Bing on iOS is now better than ever thanks to a recently published update for the app.

Twitter launches tweet translation feature in partnership with Bing

Twitter has officially launched yet another new feature in the form of inline tweet translation.

Microsoft updates Bing with new design for iPhone and iOS 8 extensions for iPad

Microsoft has just released small yet significant updates to the official iPhone and iPad apps of its Bing search engine.

Yahoo and Microsoft locking horns to replace Google as Apple's default search provider

Yahoo and Microsoft are reportedly contending with each other to replace Google as the default search provider for Apple’s Safari.

Microsoft updates Bing app with new Today widget and translation extension in iOS 8

Microsoft has updated Bing for iPhone with new features made possible by the extensibility features of iOS 8.

Microsoft redesigns MSN portal with rebranding of Bing mobile apps coming soon

Microsoft has just unveiled a new version of its MSN portal.

Bing For The iPhone Update Brings Multiple Search Management And More

Version 4.4 also allows users to search anywhere in the app.

Bing For iPad 2.0 Features iOS 7 Redesign, Gift Finder And Other Enhancements

Microsoft has just updated the official iPad app of its Bing Web search engine to version 2.0.

Microsoft Gives Bing The iOS 7 Treatment Along With New Logo And Color Palette

At long last, Microsoft has caught up with the trends and updated its official Bing iOS app for iOS 7.

Microsoft Updates Bing For iPhone With New Homepage Menu And Other Improvements

Microsoft has just issued an update to the official iPhone app of Bing.

Our April Fools' Day Joke Confirmed And Six More Pranks Making The Rounds

Did you believe our April Fools' Day prank? How about these others?

The Best Apple Maps Alternatives Aren’t Found In The App Store

Already tired of Apple's new Maps app? Here are some free alternatives.

Quickly Grab In-Page Search Results With Bing For iPad's New Lasso Search Feature

Microsoft released the first update to the Bing app for iPad, adding a single major new feature, two minor new features, and tons of small improvements.

Bing Mobile Gets Another Update, Adds Many Improvements

Microsoft has made another update to Bing Mobile, including new sharing options, a carousel-style interface and a split-view for maps. Apple fans can check out the updated mobile website by heading over to "" in Safari for iOS.

Bing Launches iPhone Mobile App Discovery - Apps Now Feature In Search Results

Bing has just announced a brand new feature, which users can access either in the official iPhone app or from "" in Safari for iOS. The feature, called "iPhone Mobile App Discovery," displays iOS applications alongside search results, when users input keywords into Bing's search engine.

Microsoft's Bing Update Is Impressive

Microsoft has released a significant update to its Bing app for the iPhone/iPod touch. The newest version of the search app is visually appealing and includes cool new features. With it, Bing is definitely closing the gap with Google. Read more ...

Google Instant Now Available For Mobile Devices

Google continues to improve their search engine as they try to remain ahead of Microsoft’s Bing. In September, they unveiled their Google Instant capabilities for the desktop. This enhancement displays suggested results while the user types. Now, this feature is available for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. Read more...

Google Search Dominates iPhone Market

Google continues to dominate search in the iPhone market, and no one else is even close. According to a new report from Chitika, Google controls 96.96% of the market. Read more...

iOS Google Services Deal Confirmed & Recently Renewed

According to Google's CEO Eric Schmidt, Google's deal with Apple to provide services for iOS is not going anywhere, as it has been recently renewed.