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AppAdvice Daily: Best New Apps Of The Week

Start your week off with the hottest new apps in the App Store.

WordPress App Gets An Update - Enhances Content Editor, Adds Full Screen Mode And More

The popular WordPress iOS app received an update yesterday, adding a "feature-rich content editor" and a full screen editing mode. Furthermore, users can now follow their favorite blogs from within the universal application, and it's easier than ever before to upload images from within the app.

Blogsy For iPad Updated - Adds WordPress Page Support, New Features & Improvements

The popular weblog editing iPad application, Blogsy, has recently received an update. Now, users of the application can create and edit WordPress pages, and take advantage of a variety of other feature changes and bug fixes. Gets The Appropriate iPad Treatment With New Momkai-Designed App

The fashionable, techno-minded Nalden blog sparkles on iPad with great visuals and gesture controls.

New AppList: Photo Sharing Apps

If you love to take photos, you probably love to share them as well! Here are some of our favorite ways to allow all of your friends, family, and followers to check out your latest shots.

Here Comes The Flud... Update

Flud is a newcomer to the iPad visual newsreader market. Now, only three weeks after its initial release, it has already received a major update.

How To: Post A Map Of Your GPS Track To Your Blog

Have you ever wanted to share a map of your GPS tracks on your blog? With a few apps on your iPhone, you can do just that and within seconds of completing your track too!

Review: WordPress

Casually browsing though the App Store's Social Networking section, I stumbled across WordPress Version 1.21. As it was a free download and I wanted to explore Social Media possibilities with my iPhone, there was no harm in giving it a shot. Admittedly, I wondered just how versatile this app could be? In a word: Wow!