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Realmac's Typed is going from writing app to blogging platform in a new Indiegogo project

The guys behind Clear are back at it again, and this time they want to create the next substantial blogging platform based on their Mac Markdown writing app.

Start Tumbling With The Help Of These iPad Apps

Join us as we take a look at apps that will have you Tumbling from the comfort of your iPad.

Get Tumblin' On Your iPhone With Bloggn

Not satisfied with the official Tumblr app? Then this is a beautiful alternative that is worthy of a look.

Tinydesk Writer For WordPress Packs Some Big Features

The official iOS app works, but it lacks some key features associated with WordPress' versatility.

Get On The Go Access To Your Tumblr Feed With Dash.Up

Dash.Up is a Tumblr client that gives users easy access to almost everything they do in their Tumblr dashboard. Mobile blogging has never been so simple.

Zapd Receives An Update

Create your own websites using Zapd for iPhone. The app has received many new features including a blog mode. Even more features are promised through future updates as well.

QuickWordPress: The Fastest Way to Blog

Ever found it difficult or downright scary to blog straight from your WordPress page on an iPad? We have the solution.

Blogsy Is The Blogging App Your iPad Has Been Searching For

Blogging on your iPad has been made fun and easy thanks to a new app called Blogsy. Bloggers with iPads should definitely not miss this one! Read on to learn more.

New AppGuide: Tumblr Apps For The iPad

Tumblr users have a few options for iPad apps. We found it surprising how few there really were. We take a look at the best of the group in this AppGuide.

New AppGuide: Tumblr Apps For The iPhone

Tumblr is a fantastic blogging service. There are a bunch of great apps for the iPhone that let you create new content, follow others, and much more. If you are a Tumblr user with an iPhone or iPod touch, you'll want to check out this AppGuide.

QuickAdvice: Get A Fix of Tumblr On Your iPad With Tumblita

Tumblita brings basic Tumblr needs to your iPad, but seems a bit lacking for those that are looking for more advanced features. But light Tumblr users may be satisfied with the basics. Click through to find out more about Tumblita.

How To: Post A Map Of Your GPS Track To Your Blog

Have you ever wanted to share a map of your GPS tracks on your blog? With a few apps on your iPhone, you can do just that and within seconds of completing your track too!

All It Takes Is a Little Discipline

Disciplines can be applied to your iPhone. Let's be frank: the iPhone is dead sexy and dead snappy. It's a high tech toy that can do a lot of cool things, as seen in the commercials. But just because you got a smartphone that is smart in its attitude, this doesn't mean you can't accomplish amazing things with it.

Review: WordPress

Casually browsing though the App Store's Social Networking section, I stumbled across WordPress Version 1.21. As it was a free download and I wanted to explore Social Media possibilities with my iPhone, there was no harm in giving it a shot. Admittedly, I wondered just how versatile this app could be? In a word: Wow!