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Create your own websites using Zapd for iPhone. The app has received many new features including a blog mode. Even more features are promised through future updates as well.

Mike Lata

New AppGuide: Tumblr Apps For The iPhone

Tumblr is a fantastic blogging service. There are a bunch of great apps for the iPhone that let you create new content, follow others, and much more. If you are a Tumblr user with an iPhone or iPod touch, you'll want to check out this AppGuide.

Tim Chaten

All It Takes Is a Little Discipline

Disciplines can be applied to your iPhone. Let's be frank: the iPhone is dead sexy and dead snappy. It's a high tech toy that can do a lot of cool things, as seen in the commercials. But just because you got a smartphone that is smart in its attitude, this doesn't mean you can't accomplish amazing things with it.

Tee Morris

Review: WordPress

Casually browsing though the App Store's Social Networking section, I stumbled across WordPress Version 1.21. As it was a free download and I wanted to explore Social Media possibilities with my iPhone, there was no harm in giving it a shot. Admittedly, I wondered just how versatile this app could be? In a word: Wow!

Tee Morris