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Review: House of Marley Get Together

If you're looking for great sound in an attractive package, check out this Bluetooth speaker.

Send private messages without the Internet using FireChat

A popular chat program that works without being connected to the Internet has added a great new feature.

As Of Its 6.1 Update, Apple TV Can Search For AirPlay Over Bluetooth

Apple has made it easier for I.T. administrators to use the Apple TV as a replacement projector.

The ReSound LiNX Is The First Made For iPhone Hearing Aid

The hearing aid works with a companion app that allows users to set preferred volume levels and more.

Cambridge Audio's Minx Go Is A Portable Wireless Speaker That's Almost Perfect

In our latest product review, we take a look at Cambridge Audio's Minx Go.

How You Can AirPlay Music To An Unsupported Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

In this article, we explain how you can AirPlay content to an unsupported speaker.

Apple Launches iBeacon In Retail Stores, Updates The Apple Store iOS App

Apple's iBeacon technology has launched today in 254 U.S. Apple Retail Stores.

Review: iDevice-Powered Writing Has Never Been Easier Thanks To Livescribe 3

Livescribe 3 marries Apple's iOS with good old fashioned pen and paper writing.

Apple Launches iDevice-Powered 'Automatic Setup' Feature With Apple TV 6.0

Apple has launched a new, easier means of configuring Apple TVs in its recent Apple TV 6.0 software update.

Cydia Tweak: Celeste 2 Launches For Jailbroken iDevices

The much anticipated sequel to Celeste, Celeste 2, is now available to download in the Cydia Store.

Cydia Tweak: CocoaNuts' Celeste Sequel Is Set To Launch Soon For iOS 6

Jailbreakers will be pleased to learn that a sequel to the popular Celeste is nearing completion.

Heartbeats Introduces Your Bluetooth Heart Monitor To A Pebble Smart Watch

Heartbeats is a new application that owners of the Pebble smart watch might appreciate.

With iOS 7, Apple Is Allowing Bluetooth Devices To Do A Lot More

Bluetooth devices are going to love iOS 7.

Bust Out Louder Sound On Your iPad With The Zooka

Get louder on your iPad with the Zooka. We're busting it out on today's AppAdvice Daily.

New Apple TV Beta Software Adds Bluetooth Support For Wireless Keyboards

Apple TV users will soon be able to connect Bluetooth wireless keyboards to their set-top box.

Mysterious 'Bluetooth Sharing' Feature Appears In iOS 6 Beta 4

Another new feature has launched in iOS 6 beta 4: "Bluetooth Sharing."

Need A Bluetooth Switcher? Get It Now While The Getting's Good

For the third time in just over a month, Apple grants a rogue Bluetooth app entry to the App Store.

Updated: Another Direct Bluetooth Control App Has Been 'Approved' In The Form Of Bluetooth Manager

Another guerrilla app with a functionality that is supposedly forbidden by Apple has slipped through the cracks.

Apple Pulls Popular Utility App From App Store

One of the most promising new apps to arrive recently for the iPhone/iPod touch is no longer available. Apple has removed Bluetooth OnOff from the App Store.

App Aims To Make Turning On And Off Bluetooth Easier

A new app has launched to make turning Bluetooth on and off that much easier. But it may not last long in the App Store.

Product Review: Find My Car Smarter

We were able to get our hands on a Find My Car Smarter device to test it out. Here's what we think!

CES 2012: Geneva Launches Combined Home Theater And Hi-Fi Sound System

Geneva, makers of the acclaimed Geneva Sound System, have just launched a new line of high fidelity products for the home and on the go. Your quality audio experience has never looked so good.

Check Out This Sleek Hidden Radio And Bluetooth Speaker

The Hidden Radio and Bluetooth Speaker campaign over at Kickstarter has turned our heads. We're excited about what these guys are doing, especially with the design.

Apple Approves CardioMapper - A Bluetooth 4.0 Heart Rate Monitor

Apple has recently approved a Bluetooth 4.0 heart rate monitor application called CardioMapper. The app, which is available to download for $1.99, provides "full real time and post exercise analysis," allowing users to track their burned calories using the iPhone's GPS.