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Fold And Fill Your Way To Perfection In KAMI

This beautiful and challenging puzzle game will keep you coming back for more.

Help Me Fly Makes You Look At Toy Planes In A New Light

This delightful and charming puzzler will definitely keep you entertained as you help Propeller Joe fly to freedom in his toy plane.

Clear The Board As You Chock A Block

A puzzle game that relies on skill? It's rare to find one that isn't bogged down with IAPs nowadays, but Chock A Block stands out from the rest.

Get Four Times The Fun Of Connect Four With Foursies

If you're a fan of classic board games like Connect Four, then you'll appreciate this modern version with a strategic twist.

Infect All Of The Cells With The Sporos In This Challenging New Puzzle Game

Now you can feel like a scientist as you play with biological cells and infect them with the Sporos.

Turn On Your Brain With ON/OFF, A New Puzzler

In the mood for a simple puzzle game that will stimulate your brain? Then look no further than ON/OFF.

Tickle Your Brain As You Take It Easy In This New Puzzle Game

Looking to give your brain some exercise? Then you will love this brand new brain teasing puzzle game from Ravensburger.

Turn Your iPad Into A Beautiful Checkers Set With Checkers — 2 Players

Remember the days when you used to play checkers with a friend in person? Relive those moments with Checkers — 2 Players, a new app from Louie Mantia's new development studio, Pacific Helm.

Minesweeper On Your iDevice With Various Tile Shapes In ultiMine Plus

Minesweeper has been brought to your iDevice with some extra options: you can now choose to play on different tile sets including Honeycomb (which has hexagonal shaped tiles) or Stone Floor (which has squares of different sizes).

These Angry Sunflowers Have Mischief On Their Minds As They Aim To Reach Tombstones In Zombie World

Zombie World is a pipe puzzle game that has nasty sunflowers trying to connect themselves to a bunch of tombstones, with the sole purpose of raising some zombies.

Match As Many Blocks As You Can With One Swift Motion In SwipeBlocks

SwipeBlocks is a Bejeweled-type game which has you matching two or more adjacent blocks of the same color by swiping a finger over them in any order you like. There are additional bonuses to be had including bombs and extra points.

Accurately Guide The Ball To The Hole Without Touching The Sides In Borders Invasion

Borders Invasion is an amusing little arcade game that will have you intently focusing on your iPhone screen like never before as you try to find the hole with this small blue ball.

Clear The Table Of Cards With Solitaire Pyramid

Solitaire Pyramid is a hugely popular card game where you have to remove cards from the laid out arrangements by pairing together faces that total 13.

Match And Destroy All The Pumpkins This Halloween In, Happy Halloween Puzzle

Happy Halloween Puzzle is a Bejeweled-type matching puzzle game where your only goal is to get rid of as many pumpkins as possible.

Match Colors, Destroy Gems And Free Critters In Lost Butterflies

Lost Butterflies is a new matching puzzle game which has a light and colorful theme along with challenging and progressive gameplay.

Find As Many Words As You Can In Clear The Square

Clear The Square is a puzzle game where you are given a grid of letters to use to create as many words as possible.

Remove As Many Matching Pairs As Possible In Mahjong Of The Day

Mahjong is certainly not a new game by any means. However, fans of the game should check out Mahjong Of The Day for their Mahjong fix.

Don't Expect Anything To Grow As You Throw Your Seeds Around In Seed Games

Seed Games is a puzzle game where you have to capture all of your opponent’s seeds by spreading your own across your side of the board in a certain way.

Fill Up The Grid Before Time Runs Out In Mind Puzzle

Mind Puzzle is a puzzle game with an incomplete grid of circles which all have to be filled up. The circles are either blue or orange while along the bottom are shapes made of connected circle pieces which are also colored blue or orange.

Find And Destroy The Enemy Before They Destroy You In Naval Ships

Naval Ships is the old classic game of Battleship where each player secretly distributes their ships while the opposing player must try to destroy them by guessing where bombs should be dropped.

Get Addicted By Moving Flowers

Move flowers before your board becomes filled with them. This highly addictive game will keep you coming back for more.

Kalimat Remixes The Word Tile Game Genre On Your iPhone

If you're a fan of Words with Friends but want a new twist to the traditional word tile game, then Kalimat definitely keeps it fresh with a new "remix." Read on to learn more..

Apple Looking For An iTunes Store Sheriff

Alright, Apple's job board is becoming always more up-to-date with current Apple news. You might remember the job openings for Antenna enginers in the middle of the iPhone 4 antenna crisis. Well, now the board has taken an almost premonitory role as 9to5Mac's Mark Gurman spotted that Apple has been looking for the equivalent of an iTunes Store Sheriff for a couple days.

Review: Monopoly

The classic Monopoly has finally arrived for the iPhone. Now you can play the original, not just the here & now edition. Is it worth the top spot on the top paid charts? Has EA finally made an outstanding board game clone? Click through to find out.