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board game

Master the Art of the Novella in Paperback: The Game

Paperback: The Game is now on iOS and it's a breath of fresh air for the word game genre.

It's just You Against Me in this turn-based card game

Can you outwit your opponent and take over the board?

Help the vampire get home and avoid the hunters in Lamp And Vamp, a tactical roguelike adventure

The shadows are the key to survival in this strategic roguelike game.

Kingdoms, a medieval board game for the 21st century, is launching on iOS soon

Kingdoms, an upcoming app from French indie duo Space Bears, looks to be an interesting virtual board game.

Filling In The Boxes Is Harder Than It Looks In SeQu, The Numeric Puzzle Game On iPhone

SeQu is a fresh new puzzle game that will keep you entertained for quite some time, especially if you like dealing with numbers.

Get Your Mahjong Fix With Adorable Monsters In Tip Tap Monsters

Tip Tap Monsters provides a breath of fresh air to mahjong games.

Play As Agent 47 And Hone Your Assassination Skills In The Strategic Hitman GO

Hitman GO is a unique addition to the Hitman franchise, where the stealth elements are implemented into a chess-like puzzle.

So-Called 'Monopoly On Steroids' Hits The App Store With Cashflow

Could you be a master of finance in Cashflow - The Investing Game?

Choose Your Side And Take To The Board In Battlefields Civil War

History buff or board game fan? Battlefields Civil War could be the perfect app for you.

The Witcher Adventure Game Is Set To Reach Our iPads In The Near Future

The Witcher Adventure Game is set to make the leap to Apple's iPad.

Quibbler Is A Beautiful New Take On A Classic Word Game

Miss the classic game board and tile rack of that classic word game? It's brought back to life in the brand new Quibbler.

Agricola Updated To Add New In-App Decks, iOS 7 Support And Fixes

Agricola has received two brand new decks.

Do You Have What It Takes To Clear The Grid In Solisqr?

Peg solitaire gets a modern look with this simple game.

Classic Tic-Tac-Toe Gets Super Sized With A Strategic Twist In Tic Tactics

This isn't your grandmother's tic-tac-toe game.

Pandemic: The Board Game To Launch For iPad On Oct. 3

Pandemic: The Board Game is coming to the App Store on Oct. 3.

Guess Who Your Facebook Friends Are In Who? The Game

Fans of the classic board game are sure to enjoy this modern twist.

Outwit Your Opponent As You Connect Four In Tetra

Tetra - Board Game is a fun multiplayer game that combines Connect Four, tic-tac-toe, and chess into one. However, that design looks awfully familiar.

Classic Board Game Chainsaw Warrior Is Set To Launch For iOS This Year

Games Workshop's classic board game, Chainsaw Warrior, is heading to iOS.

Classic Lines Of Fire Board Game Makes The Leap From Table To Tablet

Lines of Fire has recently launched in the App Store, allowing fans of the classic board game to play a few rounds using Apple's iPad.

Talisman Prologue HD: A Digital Recreation Of The Classic Board Game

Good news, board game fans: Talisman Prologue HD is now available in the App Store.

Two Popular Board Games Are Heading To iOS

Two exciting board game apps are set to launch soon in the App Store.

Turn Your iPad Into A Beautiful Checkers Set With Checkers — 2 Players

Remember the days when you used to play checkers with a friend in person? Relive those moments with Checkers — 2 Players, a new app from Louie Mantia's new development studio, Pacific Helm.

Dominion Unofficially Comes To iOS

It's really Dominion, but it's not the official version, which will soon arrive.

War On Terror - Based On The Hit Board Game, But Could Apple Remove The App?

War On Terror ($4.99) is an iOS app based on the hit (or, rather, "cult") British board game that transforms Risk into, as Forbes writes, something that "parodies George W. Bush’s well-documented military campaign." However, the application's controversial content (which includes "nuke cards," the desperate hunt for oil and a parodic war on terror) has many wondering whether Apple might remove the application before it's even sold 2,000 copies.