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bob mansfield

Updated: Why Did Bob Mansfield Really Depart Apple's Executive Team?

Apple's latest management shakeup doesn't pass the smell test.

Bob Mansfield Leaves Apple's Executive Team To Work On Special Projects

Bob Mansfield has left Apple's executive team.

Former Adobe Head Could Be Leading Up Apple's 'iWatch' Division

Kevin Lynch is rumored to be working on the so-called "iWatch."

Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch Abandons Adobe For Apple, Will Report To Bob Mansfield

Top Adobe exec ditches Team Adobe to join Team Apple.

The Narrative Is Becoming Clearer That Scott Forstall Won't Be Missed

One week ago, many would have considered Scott Forstall Tim Cook’s most likely successor. Days later with Forstall gone, you would have thought that the lead iOS designer was the most disliked Apple executive since John Sculley.

Mansfield’s Return To Apple Apparently Tied To Forstall’s Ouster

Bob Mansfield is back at Apple, just as Scott Forstall is exiting. Coincidence?

Scott Forstall, Once Considered Tim Cook's Likely Successor Is Out

Scott Forstall who was once considered a possible successor to CEO Tim Cook will leave Apple next year. In addition, John Browett, who only recently became the head of the company’s retail unit is also leaving.