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bolt creative

Answer the 'Call of Booty' in the brand new underwater episode of Pocket God

The 48th episode of the popular god game developed by Bolt Creative introduces a new mini-game set under the sea.

Hatch And Pocket God Crossover Adventure Lets Your Fugu Do The Ooga Jump

Hatch has just been updated with, most notably, a crossover adventure with Pocket God: Ooga Jump.

AppAdvice Game Of The Week For Nov. 8, 2013

Get your groove on this weekend by running and jumping your way through these addictive games!

How High Can Ooga Go? Find Out In Pocket God: Ooga Jump

Pocket God: Ooga Jump drops in to the App Store, and it's a fun game for fans of the franchise or jumping games.

Go Ahead, Jump! Pocket God: Ooga Jump Gets New Trailer, Halloween Launch Date

Bolt Creative's Ooga Jump is set to bounce into the App Store on Oct. 31.

Pocket God Studio Bolt Creative To Launch Doodle Jump-Like Ooga Jump Game

A new chapter in the Pocket God saga is about to begin.

Control The Pygmies In A Whole New Way With Pocket God Figurines

The Pygmies are now joining plushy Om Nom and Angry Birds in cuddly form thanks to Funko Toys and Barnes & Noble.

The Latest Issue Of The Pocket God Comics Has Love, Tragedy And One Pesky Carnivorous Plant

A few months later, and it's still dire times for the pygmies. Who would've guessed, right? Anyway, the latest issue of the Pocket God comics continues describing the chaotic conditions unfolding on the girls' island as they fight to survive without their regeneration gem.

Join The Pygmies For Dance Dance Execution In Pocket God Episode 45

Grab your invite and head to the innards of the Apocalypse Temple to experience Dance Dance Execution of Pocket God Episode 45.

The Next Issue Of The Pocket God Comics Has Arrived, Plus An App Interface Revision

The journey continues for Klik and the other pygmies as the latest issue of the Pocket God Comic series hits the virtual bookshelf.

New Issue Of Pocket God Comics Promises Monsters, Murder And Mayhem

Issue #14 marks the conclusion of the current story arc of Pocket God Comics.

Battle The Undead And Other Horrors In Episode 6 Of Pocket God: Journey To Uranus

In episode six, Decapithon, of Pocket God: Journey To Uranus, you realize that Earth is suddenly being overrun by the undead and it is up to you to deal with this seemingly cursed island.

Pocket God Episode 41 With iOS 5 Support Now Available In The App Store

Pocket God updates may be extremely common, but it's not everyday that one of the App Store's best-selling apps of all time not only receives new content but also new features via Apple's latest iOS update, which is why we're here to tell you all about it.

Pocket God: Journey To Uranus Goes Universal And Gets Tagged With A Limited Time Sale Price

Bolt Creative released a significant update to their cosmic variation of the Pocket God series, Pocket God: Journey To Uranus, that brings the out of this world Pygmy fun to iPhone and iPod touch owners.

Pocket God: Journey To Uranus Receives Its First Update

Pocket God: Journey To Uranus has received its first-ever update and it adds some of the God-like interactive capabilities from the original iPhone version, along with a couple of other surprises.

Review: Pocket God: Journey To Uranus - Space The Final Frontier Where No Pygmy Has Gone Before

The pygmies are moving from your pocket to the iPad, and traveling from their island into space on their journey to Uranus. Is it just an expanded version of Pocket God or something completely different? Click through to find out.

Check Out Some Of The Big Name Games Hitting The App Store Tomorrow

It’s time to grab a quick preview of what’s to come tomorrow to an App Store near you. Firemint, Gameloft, Rocketcat Games, Square Enix, Crescent Moon Games, Revolution, 2D Boy, Trendy Entertainment, Gamedoctors, Bryan Mitchell, EA, and Bolt Creative are all releasing some cool games in time for the holidays.

Get Prepared To Network Your Pygmy Filled Islands In Pocket God For Facebook

Bolt Creative has teamed up with Frima Studio in order to bring you Pocket God for Facebook. Get prepared to impress your friends by using your Godly powers to coddle, zap, tumble, burn, and bring back to life those hilarious islanders.

Can't Wait For The Next Pocket God Update? Let The Pocket God Update Song Tide You Over

Pocket God's 34th episode, Monkey See Monkey Chew, is eagerly awaited by many fans, and to help tide the community over until it finally makes its way into the App Store, Bolt Creative has unleashed "The Pocket God Update Song" on YouTube.

Take On Zombie Pygmies In Thunder Game Works' Trenches - An Homage To Pocket God

Bolt Creative team up with Thunder Game Works to transport the Pygmy tribe -- in zombie form, no less -- to battle in the military strategy game, Trenches.

Follow The Adventures Of Ooga And The Rest Of The Pygmy Tribe In Pocket God Comics

Bolt Creative has just taken the first step in expanding the reach of their insanely popular iPhone God game, Pocket God, by bringing it over to the iPad in comic book form. Pocket God Comics, which is actually a universal app, is now available in the App Store, and includes the very first issue of this brand new comic book series.

Bolt Creative Releasing An All-New Pocket God Game For iPad This Fall

Bolt Creative has announced a new version of Pocket God designed specifically for the iPad.

Review: Pocket Devil vs. Pocket God Plus Videos

A comparison between Pocket Devil and Pocket God. Plus I provided videos of both in action. Pocket Devil on the surface seems to be a direct copy of Pocket God. Is it more? Does it deserve to be the 2nd highest paid app? Click through to find out.