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Apple suppliers begin shipping HomeKit-enabled chips to 'smart home' device makers

Apple’s partner chipmakers for HomeKit have begun shipping chips designed for the “smart home” platform to device makers.

Apple-Designed Baseband Chips Probably Won't Happen Until 2015

JP Morgan doesn't believe Apple will produce its own baseband chips until next year.

2 New Hires Show That Apple Could Be Moving In A New Direction

Here's more confirmation that Apple wants to design and produce baseband chips in-house.

Broadcom's New 5G 802.11ac Wi-Fi Chip Could Make An Appearance In The iPhone 6

Broadcom's latest Wi-Fi chip could help bring 802.11ac to the iPhone 6.

Broadcom Announces Speedy Gigabit Wi-Fi Chip That May Appear In 2013 iOS Devices

The future of Wi-Fi networking for iOS devices looks bright. And very fast.

The Hit-Miss DigiTimes Claims Chip Suppliers Are Readying Stock For Sixth-Gen iPhone

A new report from DigiTimes - the trade publication that, we should note, isn't always accurate in its statements and predictions - has announced that chip suppliers are readying stock for the sixth-generation iPhone, which is said to become available this fall.