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budget iPhone

Photos Of The Rumored iPhone 5C Housing And Front Panel Partially Assembled

More leaked pictures of Apple's rumored low budget iPhone.

By 2014, Sales Of The Budget iPhone Could Overtake Those Of The 'iPhone 5S'

Apple will sell a lot of budget iPhones, which might be bad news.

Apple's Next Great iPhone Won't Arrive Until 2014

The "iPhone 5S" is likely to be a ho-hum update, at best.

Updated: Amazon Begins Selling Elago 'iPhone 5C' Cases Online

You can now buy a case for the "iPhone 5C" on Amazon.

The Latest Rumor On The 'iPhone Lite'

A new photo has leaked purportedly showing the budget iPhone.

Apple's Biggest News On Tuesday Had Nothing To Do With Previous iPhone Sales

Apple's own words suggest that the next iPhone is launching before Sept. 30.

Apple's iPhone Sales During The Holiday Quarter Could Top Record 62 Million Units

The holiday quarter could once again be special for Apple.

Apple Could Be Prepping Two Different ‘iPhone mini’ Versions

Two "iPhone mini" versions could launch this fall.

Apple Begins Production Of The 'iPhone 5S' At The End Of July

Apple is set to begin production on the next iPhone this month.

What Will Apple's Budget iPhone Look Like? This Report Could Give You An Idea

Could this be Apple's rumored budget iPhone handset?

Foxconn Said To Begin Shipping The First Budget iPhone Units To Apple

The first budget iPhone units are on their way to Apple.

Could Apple's Low-Cost iPhone Look Like This?

Purported images of Apple's anticipated low-cost iPhone handset have surfaced.

New Renderings Suggest That Apple's Budget iPhone Won't Be Cheap

What's not to love about this "iPhone mini" rendering?

Case Makers Are Gambling That Their Designs Match Those Of Apple

Case manufacturers are now making products for unannounced Apple devices.

Is This A Case For Apple's Budget iPhone?

A new video purportedly shows a case for the long-rumored budget iPhone.

Two New 'iPhone mini' Photos Leaked

The first "iPhone mini" rumor of the week arrives.

New Budget iPhone Concept Uses Flat iOS 7 Design

You've already seen this budget iPhone concept, but not quite like this.

Further Indication That Apple Will Release Two New iPhones In September

It's becoming clear that there will be no new iPhone until September or October.

Apple’s Own Rules Are Stunting The iPhone’s Growth Around The World

Apple's own carrier rules are one of the reasons the iPhone mini is likely to launch.

Production Of The iPhone 5S May Be Delayed Because Of Fingerprint Sensor Issues

But the rumored low-cost iPhone still seems to be on schedule.

A 'Little Network Of Spies' Releases Purported Budget iPhone Images

This image could be of the back panel of the budget iPhone.

Qualcomm Could Be Supplying Chips For The Budget iPhone

Qualcomm could be the company supplying chips for the budget iPhone.