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Apple acknowledges iOS device-bricking date bug

Setting your iPhone or iPad back to the 1970s can cause very bad things to happen.

Apple offers a fix for that iOS text bug, says permanent solution is incoming

Apple has some advice for users who've encountered the infamous iOS text bug.

This iOS bug crashes iPhones using a simple text message, but there is a fix

This latest iOS bug could render your Messages application useless.

'FREAK' security bug found in Safari

A security flaw in Safari could leave you vulnerable to hacking and spying

GILTcH For iOS: Can You Beat Bugs In The Code?

GILTcH is a new iOS game with a difference.

Developers Can Now Access Apple's Enhanced Bug Reporting Tool

Apple has made an enhanced bug reporting tool available to iOS and Mac developers once again.

Interesting iMessage Bug Deletes The Last Word Of Certain Phrases

The issue seems to be affecting some iMessage users on both the iPhone and Mac.

How To Put All Of Your Apps In A Single Folder Without Jailbreaking

While iOS 4 changed the game for many users with OCD tendencies, due to the addition of folders, the folders themselves can become a bit of a mess. What if you could put all of your folders inside folders?

iOS Y2011 Bug: How To Fix Your iPhone Alarm Clock

For the third day in a row, we're getting reports from around the world indicating that iOS alarm functionality has, once again, failed to work properly for some users. However, thanks to the help of some readers, we've been able to nail down what can be done to avoid further issues. We also have some additional tips that might serve as a good backup. Check them out...

Confirmed: New Year's iOS Alarm Bug Does Fix Itself

Cupertino finally came out of its post-NYE coma last night, and confirmed to Macworld what we all already knew; the transition to 2011 did mess up the iOS 4.0+ non-recurring alarm clock functionality. While Apple didn't say whether Steve would be made available to sign notes to your boss confirming it, they did have some good news.

Beware: 2011 Breaks iOS Alarm Functionality

The advent of 2011 is apparently as hard on our iPhones as it is on our poor hangover heads. As numerous users around the world have now discovered, the built-in iOS alarm functionality didn't support the transition to the new year and has not functioned properly this morning.

MoneyBook Updated - High Res Artwork Added, Plus Bug Fixes!

The popular budget-watching iPhone app, MoneyBook, has just received an update that adds high res graphics and fixes a pretty nasty bug. Read on to find out more...

High Speed Upload Protocol To Start Uploading At High Speed

One of the lesser-known features of the iPhone 4 was support for HSUPA (High Speed Uplink Packet Access) which allows the iPhone to send data at very high speed. Unfortunately, this feature hasn't quite lived up to the promise, until now.