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Google-Acquired File-Sharing Apps Bump And Flock To Shut Down By End Of January

After being acquired by Google last September, Bump and Flock are now set to shut down.

Google Acquires File Sharing App Bump

Apple’s native AirDrop feature in iOS 7 provides much of the same functionality.

Op-Ed: Preserve Your iDevice's Jailbreak, Turn A Blind Eye To iOS 7

Should jailbreakers really hold off on updating to iOS 7 until a jailbreak solution becomes available?

Some Apps Are Facing An Uncertain Future Thanks To Apple's iOS 7 Update

Not all developers are thrilled by the arrival of iOS 7.

New Bump Update Lets You 'Bump' Files Between iDevices And Computers

After a gestation period of nine months, Bump's iDevice-computer "baby bump" has fully developed.

New Update To Bump App Brings Photo Transfers Between iPhone And Computer

A new update of the Bump app brings the ability to easily transfer photos between your iPhone and computer.

Bump Pay Arrives For iPhone

Bump, the company that lets users “bump” their iPhones together to share contacts and photos, today introduced Bump Pay. As its title suggests, the new app makes it simple for users to send and receive money with those closest to them.

Bump 3.0 Brings Interface Overhaul And Not Much Else

As opposed to the typical app update, which usually adds new features, Bump 3.0 actually removes some.

AppAdvice Daily: AppStart Special - Apps To Wow You

Looking for some apps to make your friends say wow? On today's AppStart special, we have lots!

Apple Patents Its Own Fancier Version Of Touch-To-Share

Have you heard about the upcoming iOS bucket features?

Colors, Bumps, And A Whole Lot More

A wonderfully colorful game for kids. Navigate the little fish through worlds by coordinating wall bumps with color. Earn points and show off through GameCenter and OpenFeint.

Now Share Your Latest App Recommendations With A Simple Bump

You've already been able to share photos, contacts, calendar events, and more with a simple bump of your iDevice with another iDevice user running Bump. Today, Bump offers users a chance to show which apps they find to be the latest "must have."

Bump Updated - Adds Music Sharing!

Bump, the popular iOS app, has recently received a great new update. Read on to find out what's new ...

Apple's New Tickle-Me iPhone

First comes Bump, then comes Bump-based encryption. Now, a new patent application shows that Apple wants your iPhones to "excite" each other.

Bump Goes 2.0

Whether you are an avid Bump user, or have never even tried it, the new version of Bump is definitely worth checking out.

How To: Transfer Photos & Videos Between iPhones

From bumping to flicking, developers have created multiple innovative ways to transfer the media taken from your iPhone to other iPhones directly via WiFi and Bluetooth. Here are a couple key apps that let you transfer your candid moments with mobility and style!