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Apple's iOS 7 Could Render Your Non-Certified Lightning Charger Unusable

Could Apple's iOS 7 be the reason why your non-certified Lightning cable is no longer working?

JUICES+ Adds A Golden Funding Goal In Celebration Of The iPhone 5s

JUICES+ is offering iDevice users a golden charging cable provided its Kickstarter project gains $120,000 in funding.

Updated AppList: Your iPad As A TV

Your iPad is a serious web content streaming machine. Download these apps to get the best of what you want and what you may be missing.

New AppList: Your iPad As A TV

Nearly everyone knows that they can watch TV and videos if they have the Netflix and/or Hulu Plus apps, along with a rather pricey subscription. But what if you just want to watch full episodes of your favorite television shows on your iPad without the dedicated subscription fees? Turn your iPad into a spare TV set for the bathroom, um, I mean kitchen, with these apps.

Xfinity TV App Updated And Now Crashes Instantly On Start-Up

The cable TV universal app fom Comcast has just been updated to include iPhone support for direct feeds. However, most users seem to be reporting crashes and problems starting the app.

Time Warner Is Making The Leap To iPad

With announcements coming almost daily from TV providers about forthcoming apps, Time Warner's take on iPad support seems to be one of the best.

Apple To Eliminate The White Cable?

While Apple is constantly touting how they are "changing everything," one thing has been consistent for nine years: the iPod's 30-pin connector. Based on information from a recent patent filing, it looks like Apple may be planning to change that as well.

Get Hulu On Your iPhone Without Busting Your Wallet With PlayOn

Gamers may be familiar with a program called PlayOn that takes content from streaming video sites like Hulu and displays them on game consoles like the Xbox 360 or PS3. Coming soon, PlayOn will be bringing this same functionality to the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.