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BusyCal, the Calendar for Busy People, is Finally on iOS

BusyCal, a powerful Mac calendar application, has finally made its way to iOS.

Get back those deleted files on iCloud's Web page

A new feature on iCloud's Web page will allow you to restore deleted files, contacts, and calendar entries.

Readdle updates its apps for iOS 8 with support for iCloud Drive, Extensions and more

Readdle has updated its popular productivity apps with new capabilities that take advantage of the new features enabled in iOS 8.

AppAdvice Daily: Scan, Snap And Create Events With The Best New Apps Of The Week

It's time to get productive with the best new apps of the week on today's AppAdvice Daily.

UpTo Calendar Is A Godsend When It Comes To Sharing

Gone are the days of sharing cluttered iCloud calendars through apps that aren't built for sharing.

CalCube Takes Calendar Navigation To A New Dimension

The creators of WeatherCube have brought 3-D navigation to calendars, but is this really necessary?

Calendars 5 By Readdle Lets You Easily Send And Accept Event Invitations

Readdle has just released what it says is the biggest update yet to its flagship calendar app, Calendars 5.

TIME Planner Can Help You Gain Control Over Your Schedule

TIME Planner allows you to create a schedule that is easy to follow, and then view your work habits.

AppAdvice Daily: OS X Mavericks Tips And Tricks

Don't miss out on any of the awesome OS X Mavericks features by watching today's tips and tricks show.

Apple's iCloud Out For Many Users, Online Store Suffers Scheduled Downtime

Apple's online services, including Calendars, Reminders, and the Apple Online Store, have been interrupted.

Readdle's Calendars 5 Gets Smarter Thanks To Latest Update

Readdle's Calendars 5 has just been updated to version 5.1.

Prepping For iOS 7 With New Productivity Apps

Don't miss out on two new productivity apps plus a giveaway on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Take A Good Look At Your Day With Daily Calendar

When you want to take a glimpse of what your day will entail, look no further than Daily Calendar for iPhone.

Readdle's PDF Expert For iPad Now Includes iCloud Support

The company is also offering six other apps at discounts.

How To Sync Google Contacts With Your iPhone

If you’ve just made the switch to iPhone, or would like to have your Google contacts on an iOS device, there’s an easy way to get everything in sync.

As Readdle Celebrates Birthday, Customers Offered Discounted iOS Apps

It's birthday time for the folks at Readdle. Best of all: you're the one getting the gifts!

New AppGuide: Best Calendar Apps

This AppGuide examines the best calendar apps for both the iPhone and iPad.

Readdle Updates Their Google Calendar App With Zoom And Additional Privacy Options

Released earlier today, Calendars v3.0.2 continues to improve the Readdle's planning app experience with zoom functionality and privacy options for tasks.

Readdle Streamlines The User Interface Of Their Google Calendar Client App In v3.0

Overshadowed by last week's excitement was Readdle's release of Calendars v3.0, an update that refined the user interface and included performance enhancements.

Mysterious Trousers Goes Back To Their Roots In Tempus

Remember the days of Calvetica when it was actually ... simple? Now you can have that simplicity back in Mysterious Trousers' latest creation for your iPhone and iPad.

Just A Few Taps And You're On Your Way With Easy Calendar

Easy Calendar is a simple and sleek calendar app that has one purpose: to help you add and view events with as few taps as possible.

Readdle Celebrates Its 4th Birthday With A Sale And iPad 2 Giveaway

Readdle is celebrating its fourth birthday today with a big app sale and an iPad 2 giveaway.

Scrollendar Is A Minimalistic Calendar With Afterburners

As far as calendar apps go, Scrollendar might be the fastest. The other comparable categories is where this calendar struggles.

Free-Time Is Now Updated With Many New Features And Fixes

Last month we reviewed Free-Time: a daily planner meets calendar app for the iPhone. Now, it has been updated in quite a big way and we're excited to check it out.