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Keep track of those calories and get healthier with these iPhone apps

Eat better with these calorie counting apps.

Let Your iPhone Help You Get Healthier With These Calorie Counters

Find the calorie-counting iPhone app that best fits you with this new AppGuide.

AppList Updated: Apps To Help You Get In Shape

Did you make a new year's resolution to get into better shape this year? These apps can help.

AppList Updated: Apps To Help You Get In Shape

No, your iPhone won’t go to the gym in your stead, but it can do some of the work of getting in shape for you. From customized workouts (at home or in the gym) to healthy meal planning (whether you’re cooking or dining out), there is an app to help with every aspect of creating a healthier lifestyle.

Spring Into Shape With Tap & Track, Calorie Tracker For iPad

Looking to shed some pounds, but not sure how to begin? Counting calories is tough. Who has the time to record everything they eat? Nanobitsoftware, a leading healthcare and fitness iOS app development team, has a solution to help simplify your calorie counting.

New AppList: Apps To Keep You Healthy

From counting calories and tracking medical history to apps that can motivate us to exercise, this AppList will keep you healthy and happy.

Review: Diet Tracker

Diet Tracker gives a better way for you to record all your dietary consumptions! Now you can keep track of your meals and compile precise nutritional information without the bulk and embarrassment of scribbling in a notebook!