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camera+ for iPad

How to spend a $25 iTunes gift card for Aug. 1, 2014

This week's list features the Wunderlist refresh, "Snowpiercer," and more.

Camera+ 5 Arrives With An iOS 7 Inspired Design And New Editing Features

The major update also features the ability for users to create iOS 7 style wallpaper for their device.

AppAdvice's Top 10 Best Paid iPad Apps Of 2012

AppAdvice presents the Top 10 paid iPad apps of the year. Did your favorites make our list?

Camera+ Unleashes Operation ÜberCam Update

One of the most popular photo apps in the App Store, Camera+, has received a huge update. So huge, in fact, that the update itself has a name: Operation ÜberCam.

Camera+ Update Allows Users To Do It With The Lights Almost Off

With an update today, Camera+ has become the first third-party photo app to take advantage of the iPhone 5’s low-light boost mode.

Best New Apps Of The Week

Today we're checking out the best new apps of the week, plus the set got a bit of a redesign, so check it out and let us know what you think.

AppAdvice App Of The Week For October 1, 2012

Our top app picks consist of a great iPad photo editor and a fantastic new way to get your YouTube fix.

Is Camera+ For iPad A Must-Have For iPad Photographers?

So now that Camera+ is on the iPad, how good is it for your photo editing needs? Take a look at our hands-on review.

Today's Best Apps: Camera+ For iPad, Flurry For Twitter And More

We summarize the best iOS apps from the last 24 hours.

Popular Camera+ Makes A Move To The iPad With iCloud Sync

While it’s not exactly a bunch of flying pigs, another new program has hit the App Store with the popular iPhone app Camera+ making its way to the iPad.