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Popular endless runnner Canabalt now optimized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Canabalt, the seminal side-scrolling endless running game developed by Semi Secret Software, has received another notable update.

AppAdvice Daily: Price drops, updates and some new apps to get excited about

It's a fantastic day for updates and price drops, watch today's AppAdvice Daily to see why.

Canabalt goes 2.0 with 8 new game modes, local multiplayer support and more

Canabalt, the pioneering endless running game developed by Semi Secret Software, has just run into another surprise update.

Seminal Endless Runner Canabalt Finally Gets Optimized For iPhone 5

Canabalt, the seminal pixelated side-scrolling endless runner developed by Semi Secret Software , has just received a surprise update.

Canabalt's Developer Is Developing A New iPad Game - Launches Teaser Website

Canabalt's developer has recently posted a Twitter update in which a new, upcoming iPad game is announced and a mysterious, cryptic website is linked to.

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Wanna win a $30, or $50 iTunes gift card? Watch the show to find out how. Plus we have a new segment this week called, Tap That App - watch to find out what app you should tap this week.

Rapid Review: Cave Run - Go Indiana Jones!

It's time to play as Indina Jones is a new casual endless game in the style of Canabalt and Monster Dash. Read on to find out if it's worth picking up.

Fast Review: Gravity Hook HD - Universal App - Vertical Canabalt Plus Hook Champ

Gravity Hook HD is a universal app just released today from the makers of Canabalt. A new game with similar qualities, but differences as well. Click through to read the breakdown in our fast review of Gravity Hook HD.

Preview: Gravity Runner, Fast-Paced Running Right-Side Up And Upside Down

Gravity Runner is an upcoming Canabalt-style iPhone game with a big twist. Read on to find out my hands-on impressions of the game...

Canabalt: Now A Universal App

Canabalt is now a universal application. Read on to find out if this super-addictive iPhone game manages to work its magic in high definition.

Pocket God Ep. 32: Crack is Wack is out!

Bolt Creative's Pocket God Episode 32: Crack is Wack has just been approved...grab your free update now! Plus - new skins for the Ice Monster in the In App store.

Review: Pig Rush - Pig Canabalt or Something More?

Pig Rush could be called Pig Canabalt? Is that devaluing the game, is it something more? Just tap for the pig to jump with a high, low, and double jump in his repertoire. Is it worth $0.99? Read on to find out.

Review: Hellkid: hook & jump - Plus Win Three Copies!

Hellkid is a combination of Canabalt and Hook Champ. We gave you a sneak peek, and now it's time for the full review. Plus we're giving away three copies!