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card game

Master the Art of the Novella in Paperback: The Game

Paperback: The Game is now on iOS and it's a breath of fresh air for the word game genre.

It’s a Concrete Jungle Out There in This Challenging Mashup

Concrete Jungle has arrived on iOS! Get ready for a challenging mashup of city planning, deck building, and puzzle.

Solitaire and Roguelike RPG Come Together in the Amazing Solitairica

Once you get started with Solitairica, you'll find it's incredibly hard to put down.

Poker and Solitaire Become One in the Addictive Politaire

If you're a fan of classic card games, then you don't want to miss out on the unique challenge of Politaire.

Go back in time and play a classic game in Grand Gin Rummy

Play a fun game of Gin Rummy in a jazzy, 1920s atmosphere.

Play the right cards to defeat evil in BattleHand

You'll need a lot of strategy and some luck on your side in BattleHand, a new RPG card battler.

It's just You Against Me in this turn-based card game

Can you outwit your opponent and take over the board?

Wage an epic wizardly battle in Warhammer: Arcane Magic

The famous miniatures game has come to iOS in this thrilling app.

Earn your daily Solitaire crown, now on your Apple Watch

Now you can play Daily Challenges on your Apple Watch.

It's time to be diabolical in Welcome to the Dungeon, a card-style RPG game

Take a break from being the good guy as you control a horde of powerful monsters in this unique card battle RPG game.

Popular Card Game 6 Takes! Available As App For First Time In 20 Years

Are you ready for a new challenge with this fresh and fun card game?

Take A Break From Saving Azeroth By Playing Hearthstone, Now On iPad

Gamers, rejoice! Hearthstone is finally available on the iPad, and we took it for a spin last night to provide you with some insight.

A Chance To Win A Stress For iPad Promo Code With A Retweet Or Comment

AppAdvice has teamed up with Compmon Apps in order to offer you a chance to win Stress for iPad ($4.99).

Faerie Solitaire Mobile HD Gives Solitaire A New Twist

Relax and unwind while you save the faeries in this solitaire game. Earn upgrades as you go through the many levels and fill up your energy bar.

Get A Real TCG Experience On Your iOS Device With Shadow Era

Are you a fan of TCGs and ever wished for a game like Magic: the Gathering to appear on the iOS platform? Then perhaps you should check out Shadow Era.

The Battle Of Gundabad - iPhone's First Deck Building Game

Battle of Gundabad is a clone of the game Dominion. Those unfamiliar with Dominion will find this title utterly incomprehensible.

Durak Updated To Combat Pokey Players And Sore Losers

Durak has been updated with some nifty new features to help keep people focused on the game and keep the game going despite those who are poor sports.

Review: Sword & Poker 2

Sword & Poker is a mash up of poker and rpg providing a whole new game with battles. There's a sequel, find out if it lives up to the first one, and worth it in its own right.

A Chance To Win A Sword & Poker 2 Promo Code With A Retweet Or Comment

AppAdvice has teamed up with Gaia Co. in order to offer you a chance to win a Sword & Poker 2 promo code.

Review: TCGBuddy with Promo Code Giveaway

There's no version of Magic: the Gathering for the iPhone...yet...but there are lots of apps to help you play the game. Some keep track of life, some track your decks, and some track prices of individual cards. TCGBuddy fulfills some of these and a whole lot more.