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Today's Apps Gone Free: Runner's Log, Late, Instantbot And More

Today’s AGF list includes a run tracking app, an Instagram app, and an event management companion app.

Today's Apps Gone Free: Fruit Ninja, Trauma Ted, Trucks And Things That Go And More

Today's AGF list includes an arcade game, a puzzle game, and an educational game.

Today's Apps Gone Free: Solar Walk, Blendamaze, Pillboxie And More

Today's AGF list includes an education app, a labyrinth-style puzzle game, and a medical app.

Monitor Your Heart Rate By Winning A Copy Of Cardiograph

Here's your chance to win Cardiograph for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Cardiograph 2.0 Makes Keeping Track Of Your Heart Rate Easier

Track your heart rate with the Cardiograph app for iPhone and iPad.

Today's Apps Gone Free: LostWinds, Sol: Sun Clock, Madcoaster And More

Today's AGF list includes a gorgeous platform game, a weather app that tracks the sun, and a distance game from Chillingo.

iOS Apps Gone Free: Dr. Seuss Band, Cardiograph, PowerSketch, And More

Today's AGF list includes a Seussian music app, a health and fitness app that can measure your heart rate, and a photo and video filter app.