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cars 2

Today's Apps Gone Free: Aralon: Sword And Shadow, Sleep Pillow, Photo Table And More

Today's AGF list includes a 3D RPG, a music app, and a photo viewer.

Today's Apps Gone Free: Cars 2, The Great Cookie Thief, Squids Wild West And More

Today's AGF list includes a platformer, an interactive storybook, and a turn-based strategy game.

Cars 2 - Canabalt With Some Extra Nuts and Bolts

The iPhone game tie-in for Pixar’s latest release builds on Canabalt’s basic gameplay while throwing in some extra mechanics that keep the game interesting for more than just the film’s younger audience.

Lightning McQueen Came To Life On An iPad 2

Disney and Pixar’s next masterpiece, Cars 2, opens in just a few weeks. Can you guess which iDevice was instrumental in bringing the movie to the screen? Yep, the iPad 2, according to Reuters