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New Look case leaves 9-year-old girl with iPhone-shaped scar

An iPhone case has left one young user with a dreadful scar.

Could Logitech's Upcoming Case [+] Be The Best iPhone Case Out There?

Logitech has announced an interesting modular case for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.

Macworld/iWorld 2014: We Check Out The Swiss Army Knife Of iPhone Cases

The IN1 adds a handful of useful tools inside a polycarbonate iPhone case.

AppAdvice Daily: Break Out Of Your Element With This New Case

Are you ready to get your case on? On today's AppAdvice Daily we're checking out the hottest new design by ElementCase.

CES: LifeProof Shows Off Its New iPhone 5s Waterproof Cases For 2014

Over at CES, we got to take a closer look at some of LifeProof's cases for 2014.

Review: KNOMO's Premium Leather Folio Is A Luxurious Case For iPad Air

Make no mistake: KNOMO's Premium Folio is an impressive, high quality iPad Air case.

PhoneSuit Unveils Its Own Elite Battery Case For The iPhone 5s

PhoneSuit's new battery case could help your iPhone 5s make it through the day (and night) without a single recharge.

STM Has You Covered, Launches New Cases For Apple's iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c

STM has just launched new lines of iDevice cases compatible with the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

Could This Be The Packaging For Apple's Official iPhone 5S Leather Case?

Could this be the packaging for Apple's official iPhone 5S leather case?

Kickstarter: Hold Your iPhone, Cash, Cards And More In The Smart ONEPOCKET

ONEPOCKET is a "magic case" that promises to protect more than just an iPhone handset.

AppAdvice Daily: Running With Friends Tips And Win A New Accessory

Beat your buddies at Running With Friends, and win a sexy case, all on today's AppAdvice Daily.

CES 2013: Go Ballistic With The Super Protective Ballistic SG Maxx iPhone Case

Can your case protect your iPhone while being thrown at a brick wall? The Ballistic SG Maxx can.

Go Retro With The Musubo Retro Case For iPhone 5

Watch today's show to see the Retro case by Musubo in action.

The Rokbed V3 Case By Rokform: A Tough, Mount-Anywhere iPhone Case

If you're looking for a tough iPhone case that you can mount anywhere, check out the Rokbed V3 case.

Keep Track Of What Matters With The BiKN Locator For iPhone

Never lose your keys, wallet, or small pets again with this new iPhone accessory.

This iPad Still Works After A 100,000 Foot Fall From Space

This iPad is dropped from over 100,000 feet — but does it make it?

The GIZMON iCA Can Make Your iPhone Look Like A Classic, Retro Camera

A new iPhone case called the GIZMON iCA can transform an iPhone handset into a classic, retro camera.

Keep Your iPad Safe In The Kitchen With Chef Sleeve

The iPad really can be the perfect virtual recipe book, but when using your iPad in the kitchen there's always a chance that something's going to get spilt on it. Fortunately, one new iPad case has you covered. It's called "Chef Sleeve," and it can keep your tablet safe from eggs, milk, cake mix and more.

You Can Charge Your iPad Using This Solar Powered Case

It might cost $165, but the "LilyPad 2" iPad case can do an awful lot. Not only does it feature a solar cell (meaning you can charge your iPad using sunlight), but the case also features an HDMI output, a stylus, a keyboard stand and a backup battery.

New Ferrari Cases For iPhone & iPad Almost Look As Good As The Cars

Ferrari has launched a series of leather cases for both the iPhone and iPad. Currently, the cases – which start at $42.77 and form the “Italia Case Collection” – are available to purchase from the online Ferrari Store.

Another iPad 2 Case Shows Up - Looks Particularly Thin

Following Engadget's discovery at CES of a potential iPad 2 case that would have been designed according to Apple's specs, this week 9to5mac managed to put their hands on one and confirm some more details:

GadgetFreeway's iPad "Case Bag" Review

If you are the type of iPad user that wants instant access to your iPad, just as you do with your iPhone, this is the bag for you.

Attach Your iPad To A Wall For $3

If you want to attach your iPad to a wall but don't want to pay for an expensive case, then read on to find out about a great solution. And, what's more - it'll cost you no more than $3. All you'll need is a plate-mounting wire, a hook, and preferably an iPad case (to prevent scratches). It's that simple.

Nuu Mini Key Brings A Slide-Out Keyboard To Your iPhone 4

If after four years of the iPhone era, you still can't get used to the on-screen keyboard (which let me remind you, is the fastest in the world), there might soon be yet another option, but this time it is case-based.