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casual arcade games

Quirky App Of The Day: It's Survival Of The Fittest In Zombies 2

Fight your way through as many zombie waves as possible.

Quirky App Of The Day: The 2nd Cube Is Always Just Out Of Reach

Get the second cube by navigating difficult challenges.

Quirky App Of The Day: The Couch Game Comes With A Built-In Leg Rest And Lasers

Use your couch to shoot lasers at falling household items.

Keep Away From Veggies If You Want Fatty! To Stay Alive

Help a tubby little blob stay fat in this casual arcade game.

Ride For Your Life With Monobike Kamikaze

Check out what we think of this simple arcade racer.

Decorate Your Zombie Fish Tank With The Deadliest Catch In The Sea

Collect virtual fish and use them to eat the brains of others in this arcade style game.

Tasty Tadpoles Brings Arcade Tapping To The App Store

This adventurous amphibian does not want to become someone’s lunch. Help him escape.

What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Pesky Garden Gnomes? Dig!

Save the museum and save your job in this action arcade adventure.

The Ories: Super Space Monsters! Are Spinning Around A Planet Near You

Feed energy orbs to the god of the universe while rescuing your buddies from being trapped in outer space in this simple arcade game.

Roar Rampage Smashes Its Way To The App Store

Creating a path of destruction hasn’t been this fun since Rampage.

This StarCaptain Has Run Out Of Fuel And Needs You To Give Him A Jump

Bounce across the universe in this casual arcade game for the iPhone and iPad.