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casual game

Prehistoric Boot Call: Chop Chop Kicker

Chop Chop Kicker is a catapult game that adds an element of skill. It borrows from many hit games like Solipskier and Tiny Wings and incorporates the Chop Chop style too. How do these elements combine? Read on to find out.

Lisa Caplan

Frog Vs Insects HD Is A Total Buzz Killer

Frogs vs Insects HD is a casual game with a simple premise. The frog must eat everything it sees; largely spiders. The game’s concept is simple, and there is no learning curve to start playing, but regrettably that’s where the good news ends.

Lisa Caplan

Free iPhone Game - Glow Doodle Fall

Glow Doodle Fall is a new colourful strategy game for iPhone. It's fast, fun and challenging and not to mention highly addictive. This should appeal to fans who enjoy their strategy games with a retro feel.

Phil Wheeler