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casual game

Get in the nose and fling to win in Booger Boing

It may have an unusual name, but this fun, new game lets you explore a world inside the nose.

Can you arrange the letters right to complete Word One?

Don’t be fooled, there is only one correct answer in this new word game.

Celebrate Christmas with gifts and snow in Century City

Add a Santa statue, enjoy the festive scenery, and invest in new structures with a recent update to this casual city-building game.

Explore a shifting world in Land Sliders, a casual arcade game

Slide the world and explore ever nook and cranny to rack up the points in this cute and charming arcade game.

Cute Things Dying Violently will test your aim and heart

This game allows you the fun of either rescuing or torturing cute round critters.

Moskeez Is An Elegant Logic Game And You Could Win A Copy

Gorgeous graphics and challenging yet simple rules make this casual game a winner. And you could win a copy!

Rope Chicken Eggs In Mandelform Studios' Debut Title, Chicken Frenzy

Chicken Frenzy, the debut iOS title from Mandelform Studios, is now available in the App Store.

A Chance To Win A Little Skywire Promo Code With A Retweet Or Comment

AppAdvice has teamed up with Little Flower in order to offer you a chance to win one of four promo codes for Little Skywire ($1.99) for iPhone and iPod touch.

Crazy For Whac-A-Mole? Try Dogs Vs. Squirrels For iPad

Dogs vs. Squirrels offers fast-paced gameplay that will test hand-eye coordination. How long will it take before dogs and squirrels begin to look alike?

Developer Looking For Beta Testers Of Their Upcoming Game Goop

If you'd like to get a sneak peak at an upcoming casual title with great cartoon-like visuals, you can. Fine & Dandy Games is looking for beta testers to test their first iOS release -- a game called Goop.

Puzzle Lovers Rejoice: Win Crates Night Shift HD With A Comment

Crates Night Shift HD is responsive, looks good and is certain to hook puzzle addicts, especially those sick of matching or bird-themes. Want to win a copy? Read on and leave a comment!

Kaleidoscopic Seek-N-Find: Play Kalei HD

Chilling's new game, Play Kalei, is a seek-and-find puzzler with a twist. It's all about matching Kaleidoscopic snippets? Confused? It's easier, and more fun, than you think.

Bovine Fun? Holy Cow! Win Catch Freddy Or Tumbling Freddy With A Comment

Meet Freddy the Cow. He’s fallen onto iOS devices in two short-play action titles. They are simple games, but fun, well designed, creative first offerings from developer Daniel Brandt who has teamed up with to give you the chance to try Catch Freddy or Tumbling Freddy m for free.

Burning Birds Is The New Hot Bird Game You've Been Waiting For & We Have Free Copies

Burning Birds and Burning Birds HD are the latest in a list of bird-themes iOS games that is going to take up permanent residences on your iDevice. Original, addictive and you can win one of five copie with a comment or a retweet!

Prehistoric Boot Call: Chop Chop Kicker

Chop Chop Kicker is a catapult game that adds an element of skill. It borrows from many hit games like Solipskier and Tiny Wings and incorporates the Chop Chop style too. How do these elements combine? Read on to find out.

Booooly! Was A Hit In 2010. Can Booooly! HD Bring It In 2011?

Booooly! was a major newcomer to the match-three puzzle genre last year. But, in 2011, is Booooly! HD in 2011 a premium puzzler? You be the judge.

OOPA! Plate Smashing Fun Has Moved From Greece To iOS: Dish Break

Dish Break is a casual swipe and tap game where shattering every plate in the kitchen is a good thing. Dish Break is simple; just break everything that pops up, dishes, bowls, glass pitchers, if it’s breakable, break it. Warning: addiction potential.

Frog Vs Insects HD Is A Total Buzz Killer

Frogs vs Insects HD is a casual game with a simple premise. The frog must eat everything it sees; largely spiders. The game’s concept is simple, and there is no learning curve to start playing, but regrettably that’s where the good news ends.

Pocket God Ep. 32: Crack is Wack is out!

Bolt Creative's Pocket God Episode 32: Crack is Wack has just been approved...grab your free update now! Plus - new skins for the Ice Monster in the In App store.

Free iPhone Game - Glow Doodle Fall

Glow Doodle Fall is a new colourful strategy game for iPhone. It's fast, fun and challenging and not to mention highly addictive. This should appeal to fans who enjoy their strategy games with a retro feel.

Review: Dizzypad - New Standard in Casual Gaming?

Dizzypad is the newest game from Nimblebit, and that should be enough for you to take notice. If not, then maybe a frog jumping across spinning lily pads will peek your interest? Is it worth $1.99? Read on to find out.