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Today's Apps Gone Free: cPRO Craigslist Client, Tiny Troopers, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12 And More

Today's AGF list includes a Craigslist client, a 3D action game, and a sports game.

If It Walks Like A Lemming And Talks Like A Lemming It Must Be… Caveman_HD? Win A Copy With A Comment

It looks like Lemmings. It sounds like Lemmings. It plays like Lemmings. So why is it called Caveman_Hd? Read on to find out and win a copy with a comment!

Caveman: Lemmings Spinoff Lands On The App Store

A Lemmings remake runs into legal loophole but gets turned into a new game. Caveman and Caveman HD are now available on the App Store.