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Verizon Changes Its Mind Regarding That Insulting Two Dollar Fee

Fortunately for Verizon iPhone owners, the carrier has recently announced that it has decided against charging customers an additional two dollars for one-time telephone and online payments.

Verizon iPhone Accounts For Almost One Third Of U.S. iPhone 4 Carrier Share

The Verizon iPhone now accounts for 32 percent of U.S. iPhone 4 traffic, Localytics reports.

Verizon To Abolish Unlimited Data Plans, Sign-Up Before It's Too Late

Verizon is planning on abolishing its unlimited smart phone data plan on July 7, but it's not all bad news: If you've already signed-up for an unlimited data plan by this date, you can keep the plan even when you upgrade or renew.

Will Apple Shutout T-Mobile, Sprint To Bring iPhone To Verizon?

The iPhone might head to Verizon and will remain on AT&T. But, in the end, it may not be allowed at T-Mobile USA or Sprint. Read more ...