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chaotic box

AppAdvice Game Of The Week For May 16, 2014

Match these drops to their towers and put your reflexes to the test in our top game picks for the week!

Get Pulled In And Twitch Your Way Past Deadly Spikes In dEXTRIS

You'll need to be incredibly fast with your thumbs to survive in dEXTRIS.

Put Your Math Skills And Fast Fingers To The Test In Nozoku Rush

You'll need to think quickly and have fast fingers to play the new sequel to Chaotic Box's Nozoku.

Tickle Your Brain With Nozoku, A Delightful Mathematical Puzzler

If you're a puzzle lover with a knack for numbers, then Nozoku will be sure to delight.

Silverfish MAX Brings Swimming, Neon Gameplay To The iPad

Silverfish MAX brings the same neon-studded gameplay of Silverfish for iPhone to the iPad.

Get Manic With Match Panic

This is not just another matching game. Once you pick this game up, you’ll be going from, “well, this is easy“ to “just one more match” in mere minutes.

Chaotic Box's Silverfish Updated With All Kinds Of New Content, Now On Sale

Chaotic Box's well-received and visually stimulating arcade game, Silverfish, was recently updated with all kinds of new content, and to celebrate this latest version the game has been marked down to its lowest price ever, but only for a limited time.

Review: Silverfish - Arcade Action To The Max

Action arcade game where you click to move, and land on bombs to kill chasing space bugs. The game is reminiscent of Tilt To Live and Pac-Man. Click through to find out all about Silverfish.

Preview: Death Worm & Sliverfish Submitted To Apple And Trailers Released

Death Worm and Silverfish are two upcoming games that have just been submitted to Apple. You can see them in action with their respective trailers, and read all the details.

Review: Pollywog - Plus Video Review

Pollywog is a brand new 2D top down racer featuring a purple pollywog. Eat yum yums, and race through lilly pads, bamboo, and rocks. This game is from the developer of Pinch n Pop, and has the same kind of polish. Is it worth $1.99? Click through to find out.